Westfield Opens Sydney❜s First Doggy Playground

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If you've ever found yourself stuck with nowhere to leave your beloved dog when out shopping in Sydney, you (and your dog!) won't be stuck anymore!

Westfield is bringing the good shopping vibes to the four-legged community by opening Sydney's first-ever shopping centre doggy playground.

Sydney's First Doggy Playground at Westfield

Warringah Mall is the site of the first dog-devoted space inside a shopping centre. Hanrob Playgrounds will be running the brand-new doggy playground inside Westfield Warringah Mall and they certainly haven't skimped on the pooch pampering. 

Hanrob retail
Get ready to pamper your pooches!

The new dog's playground at Warringah Mall is state-of-the-art and includes doggy daycare, dog obedience training, professional grooming, premium retail, plus three doggy playgrounds!

Hanrob Playgrounds Opening Date

Hanrob Playground
Inside the new Hanrob Doggy Playground at Warringah Mall.

Hanrob Pet Hotels are the team behind the new doggy playground at Warringah Mall and are no strangers to making our four-legged friends feel pampered. Dog daycare, pet accommodation, dog grooming, dog training, and even vocational training for those keen to get into the dog care business are all on offer at Hanrob Pet Hotels. 

Warringah Mall's Doggy Playground will be Hanrob's first venture into an indoor dog's playground, and the team are more than excited about the new venture. Hanrob CEO, Andrew Biggs said they had a lot of fun designing the playgrounds to suit all types of dogs. 

"Whatever the preferences of your dog or their preferred style of play, our highly-trained staff and expertly designed playgrounds are built to meet their needs and provide them with hours of fun", he added.

The idea behind the new doggy playground is to provide a retail experience like no other for pets and their owners. Hanrob's new venture will encourage shoppers to shop, dine, relax, and explore while your best friend enjoys a unique experience of their own close by.

Hanrob Playground at Warringah Mall opened on 28 October 2021 and they've got some incredible opening offers to sweeten the deal.

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