We Saw Spot Come To Life At The Sydney Opera House

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Both my kids adore Spot. Heck, I love Spot. His books are part of our childhood. Over the years we have read about this first walk, his day out to the park and his visit to his grandparents, over and over and over again. Our copies are well worn and flaps have been repaired numerous times from over-eager little fingers. So, we couldn’t wait to see him come to life and (just like Spot) have a big day out to the Sydney Opera House.

Spot At The Playhouse

Eric Hill's Spot books have delighted children all over the world for more than 30 years, and now the beloved puppy has been brought to life on The Playhouse stage at the Sydney Opera House. 

The Playhouse is the easiest theatre to find at Sydney Opera House. No need to worry about getting toddlers and prams up those famed steps; The Playhouse is located on the forecourt level with easy pram access. Enjoy a stroll along the forecourt, take in the one-in-a-million Sydney Harbour views and as you walk along the water’s edge side of Sydney Opera House, The Playhouse is the first theatre on your right. You can’t miss it… but don’t worry, there are signs too, just in case you do! 

Everybody’s Jumping, Jumping, Jumping

Spot has jumped out of the storybook and onto the stage, and the kids can’t help but jump out of their seats every chance they get too! If it’s your first time to a family show at the Sydney Opera House and you’re not sure if your child can be quiet or sit still for almost an hour - this is the perfect show to find out, and not stress if it turns out they can’t! 

There were babies being cradled and rocked on the side steps, toddlers and pre-schoolers calling out “Spot!” like little star-struck fans trying to get their idol’s attention, and young primary schoolers enjoying their theatre date experience. 

An Interactive Theatre Experience

Spot and his best friend Helen the hippo are off on a new adventure to visit Spot’s Dad on the farm and meet the farm animals. But when they arrive, all the animals are lost! Spot and Helen want to help Spot’s Dad find them and, in order to do so, they need help from everyone in the audience. 

The kids were clapping along to the music and songs, and laughing out loud at the actor’s slapstick jokes. And for approx. 45 minutes, every little eyeball was captivated by the larger than life yellow and brown puppet on stage. 

Tips For A Fun Day Out

1. Give yourself plenty of time before and/or after the show to enjoy the area. Opera Kitchen (next to Opera Bar) has a great Kids' Menu, or you can also grab a Kids Lunch Pack from The Playhouse which includes a fantastic variety of goodies.

2. Prams are not permitted inside the theatre, but you can definitely still bring one and park it in the designated pram parking area inside the foyer of The Playhouse. Just make sure you take all your valuables into the theatre with you.

3. There’s a quick bag check at the theatre door entries for everyone’s safety. Even though there’s no food or drink permitted inside the theatre, it’s still okay to bring in your child’s water bottle(s) and small snacks. Just try not to bring anything too messy! 

4. If you’re driving in and decide to park at the Sydney Opera House, book ahead online and get a discounted rate. You also have a bit of flexibility and can enter up to half an hour (30 minutes) before your chosen entry time, and can leave up to half an hour after your chosen departure time. Just in case there’s an emergency nappy change!

The Details

Where: The Playhouse at Sydney Opera House 

When: Wednesday 4 December - Sunday 22 December 2019

Parking: Underground parking available at the Sydney Opera House. Book ahead online for discounted rates. 

Cost: Tickets from $25*pp 

*Transaction fee of $5 - $8.50 applies per order, except Insider members.

See the website to book your tickets and for more details.

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