We Explore The Brand New Altrove Hilltop Park Schofields

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By: Kylie Purtell, ellaslist explorer

Altrove Hilltop Park is a brand new park that has just opened at Schofields, All of the playground equipment and the picnic areas are beautifully new and clean and you know it’s all in good repair. There is a good variety of equipment to satisfy all ages. There is also a half-basketball court and lots of wide open spaces, as well as a smooth, concrete walking and bike path - perfect for scooters and bikes.

Fun For Young And Old

For the younger kids there is a fully-fenced play area catering to the 1-5 year old age group with a small slide, climbing and most of the usual playground equipment you find for young kids. There’s a set of swings, as well as a large, wide see-saw so that parents can rock with their offspring.

There is plenty for the older kids, including the park’s marquee feature, the 30m slide. The slide is accessed by climbing the stairs to the top of a tall tower, which gives sweeping views around the new housing estate and parklands, all the way to the Blue Mountains. Even if you don’t plan on going down the slide, it’s worth climbing to the top for the view alone. As well as the super slide, there is a decent ropes course, another smaller, but faster slide, flying foxes, a nest swing and another set of regular swings.

For the parents, around the fenced play area there are lots of seats, and there is a shade sail over that part of the playground. There are also covered picnic tables and benches right next to the fenced playground and two unisex toilets.

Can I Get Coffee?

There is no cafe at the park, however Rouse Hill Town Centre is only a 5 minute drive away and boasts plenty of cafes that offer takeaway coffee. Five minutes in the other direction is the Homemaker Centre (including Ikea) where you can also grab a coffee and take it with you, or stop in to Schofields and grab a coffee. There are two unisex toilets at the park, however we visited late on a Friday evening (about an hour before sunset) and my husband walked out of the toilet without using it because it was clogged. Parking is on the street, the park is bounded by 4 streets and their are walking tracks to reach the park from all side.

The Kids' Verdict 

The kids loved it! Miss 4.5 really enjoyed the fenced playground, finding the equipment a bit more tame and not as scary looking or overwhelming for her. For Miss 6 the super slide was definitely her favourite part, followed by the flying fox and the ropes course.

The Super Super Slide

Hands down the super slide won the day. Miss 6 and her Dad absolutely loved it and went on multiple times. Mis 4.5 and I enjoyed the climb to the top and looking at the view and the people looking so tiny below. The flying fox was also another highlight for Miss 6, however she wasn’t a fan of the shorter metal slide as it was very fast and there is nothing really to slow kids down at the end so not having seen it in action she wasn’t ready for the speed and shot off the end.

Top Tips

There is a bit of shade but on a hot summer day there would be nowhere near enough so ensure you bring hats and wear sunscreen. There is a bubbler on hand but packing your own water and some snacks is always a good idea. Bring a picnic blanket as well as there is lots of nice spots to spread out and relax, and the trees that are there will provide some much-needed shade as they grow. There is a shade cloth over the fenced playground but it’s not comprehensive. The park will be extremely busy these school holidays due to the fact that it’s only just opened so be prepared to wait your turn on the giant slide and for the swings and perhaps head there early morning or late evening for a gorgeous sunset view.

The Details

The playground is located on the Corner of Hoy Street & Overly Crescent, Schofields (45km west of the CBD). 

All images by Kylie Purtell.