Watch This: Do You Have a Picky Eater? Then You❜ll Get This

Mealtimes when your child is a picky eater is a nightmare! One day they gobble up a whole bowl of spaghetti bolognaise and the next it’ll be: “Yuck, I’m not touching those worms”.

The supermarket ran out of your child’s favourite yoghurt? Well watch the tantrum explode when you try sneak them another brand. It’s the SAME! But no, your fussy child can tell the difference.

Momtastic summarises the craziness of having a picky eater in your house:

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Source: Momtastic

Momtastic also share a couple of other things that only mums and dads of fussy eaters can relate to. Here are a few highlights:

1. Food touching each other on the plate ruins everything.

2. Broken foods have a vastly different flavor to non-broken foods.

3. Hating people who tell you to put down your foot and say, “What I serve or starve,” because clearly that will fix everything immediately and you’ve never thought of that before.

4. Food tastes better on that one plate you can’t find a duplicate of.

5. Just when you think your kid can’t get any more annoying at mealtime, she gets a loose tooth and you instantly hate life entirely.

Check out the full list here.