Wander Through Life-Sized Building Blocks At This Art Exhibit

  • All Ages

By Melissa Fine, ellaslist

Be a child for the day with your little one at this FREE installation art exhibit, Like Child's Play. Brought by internationally renowned French contemporary artist Daniel Buren and arriving at Carriageworks in July 2018, here you'll make your way through and tilt your head up at these larger than human-sized, multi-coloured block structures. 

Using a mix of over 100 blocks, triangles, arches and pediments, peep through the windows, and perhaps make up a story together about where that rocket is going, or who lives in that super cool funhouse.

...Or what's going on the other side of town.

What's it all about?

Like Child's Play is inspired by German educational theorist Fröbel’s famous children’s wooden block toys, that aimed to teach children about concepts like number, size, shape and weight, as well as cause and effect, or how things do or don't fit together.  

The upscaled blocks play with the notion of size; as kids, we're used to being able to hold building blocks in our hands. In the exhibit however, the blocks tower over us.

All the Details

Like Child's Play will be up at Carriageworks in Eveleigh NSW from 7 July through to 12 August 2018. Go on, pop in and feel small for the day! 

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