ellaslist Reviews Tutu Studios Ballet Classes: Discover why we Think They’re one of the Best Kids❜ Dance Classes in the East!

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Thinking about enrolling your child into ballet classes but are unsure what to expect? We go behind the scenes at the joyful Tutu Studios to find out what two of the tiny dancers think of their weekly classes. 

ellaslist Reviews Tutu Studios Ballet Classes

Meet The Dancers

Mia began in the Tutu Toddlers class in Term 1, 2018 at 2.5 years. Mia progressed to the Little Tutus ballet Double Bay classes when she was 3 and now attends the Little Tutus Double Bay classes for 3 to 5-year-olds. Younger sister Lulu began in the Tutu Toddlers class at 18 months of age.

How long have Lulu and Mia been attending ballet classes at Tutu Studios?

Mia started at Tutu Studios when she was 2.5yrs old. She instantly fell in love and she would tell me that she couldn’t wait for her class each week.

Luella (Lulu) started much younger at just 18 months. She simply couldn’t wait to join in the fun. She was familiar with the music and colourful props, having sat in the pram watching since she was a baby to watch her big sister Mia.

What does Lulu love most about her dance lessons?

I think for Lulu it’s the feeling of moving her body to music and dancing in a group with other children that she enjoys the most.

What does Mia love most about her dance lessons?

Mia often expresses how much she loves the beautiful props that Miss Elke cleverly creates to match a theme each term – favourites are the rainbow curtain, mermaid tails and jellyfish umbrella in the “under the sea”.

She also enjoys being part of the end of year concert, with unbelievable costumes.

Mia at Tutu Studios Double Bay
Mia, now 3, with friends in her Little Tutus ballet class

What surprised you most about Mia and Lulu’s experience at Tutu Studios?

Probably the level of personal commitment and desire to attend from each of the girls – at such a young age! They hate missing a class.

What is unique or special about the dance classes?

The most beautiful and unique aspects of Tutu Studios’ ballet classes are the themes, music and props, which are all designed with storytelling in mind…ideal for fostering a child’s imagination.

Had you tried other dance classes previously?

Yes. We had previously attended (only two classes) at a studio in the eastern suburbs, but I personally didn’t feel a warm connection or see the same inclusiveness that Tutu Studios offered my daughter.

As a parent what do you like about Tutu Studios? 

I love how special Ms Elke and her teachers make the girls feel. Each week, there is so much passion shared in the studio. No lesson is ever dull and everyone is always smiling!

Has your child's confidence grown from learning dance?

Yes, I wasn’t a ballet dancer myself, and I didn’t want to push my daughters into anything they didn’t enjoy, but the confidence they have in themselves and with other girls in the group is definitely evident. Mia often practices at home and tries to teach her little sister the dance positions or help her to improve.

Tutu Studios story-based ballet classes
Take a magical journey with Tutu Studios' story-based ballet classes

Why did you choose Tutu Studios?

A good friend had recommended Tutu Studios to me, so I started with her and her daughter at the same class in Randwick. We then moved across to Double Bay and Bellevue Hill out of convenience.

Why did you choose dancing/ballet for Mia and Lulu? 

Dance is such a beautiful activity for little girls, teaching them about rhythm, movement and music. I also believe the social aspect of a parent and toddler class is a great way to meet new friends in a fun setting each week.

Tutu Studios Tutu Toddlers
 Lulu joined in when Mia first started in Tutu Toddlers

How easy was it to join a class at Tutu Studios?

Very easy to join or do a trial class. We always book online or communicate via email.

Can you recall Mia and Lulu’s first classes? How did you and the children feel?

We have always felt so welcome in class. The teachers are so kind and caring, and they make the children feel comfortable and safe.

Tutu Studios Tutu Toddlers
Lulu when she first started Tutu Toddlers

Have you noticed any difference in Mia and Lulu? Personally and in their dance progress?

For Mia, her focus and poise are incredible. She is so conscientious, showing such determination to learn new ballet positions and she enjoys being a leader.

For Lulu, her ability to jump has been the most noticeable factor and seeing the pure joy on her face when she hears the lovely music truly warms my heart.

Would you recommend the classes to other families?

Definitely - I already have!

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