Trouble Falling Asleep? Apparently, This Body Lotion Is The Answer.

  • All Ages

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

An affordable body lotion from Lush is being hailed a hero by people who have trouble falling asleep, shift workers and anxiety-sufferers round the globe.

Their 'Sleepy' moisturiser has racked up some seriously rave reviews, going viral online and earning it the title of 'cult buy'. It was initially released as a limited edition product but was brought back due to its overwhelming popularity. It is said to deeply relax and lull users into sleep, as well as smelling incredible. It is made of a gentle oatmeal, Fair Trade cocoa butter and lavender infusion, that is said to conjure up sweet thoughts of "sugar plums and hot drinks topped with whipped cream" upon taking a whiff. We think sleep-deprived mums and dads deserve to make every minute of sweet sleep a total pleasure, and this might just be the key. 


What some people had to say about Sleepy:

  • "I used to take anxiety medication for 11 years and had to stop recently which was pretty terrible. But I found that using and smelling Sleepy can help my anxiety not be as bad. It's such a relaxing scent and I love using it!"
  • "Believe the hype."
  • "After 20 years plus of using lush this is a new firm favourite."
  • "The scent of this lotion really is relaxing and soothing. Not as potent as a prescription, mind you, but very soothing. It does help when feeling slightly restless. I put it on my arms neck and chest and a teeny bit under my nose so the scent completely envelopes me."

Sleepy is currently only available through Lush online in Australia, for a pretty modest $16.50 for 95g of pure goodness.