Tracey Emin❜s Latest Artwork Sends You On A Treasure Hunt Through Sydney

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist 

Public art is a beautiful thing and when you have to find it yourself, the journey becomes even more special. British artist Tracey Emin has created 67 handmade bronze birds and hidden them around the city for you to discover. Take the kids on a treasure hunt to find them! Hint: they are perched on poles, above doorways and under benches along Bridge and Grosvenor Streets in the CBD. 

Called The Distance of Your Heart, the art installation is meant to represent how close people are to each other, whether laying in bed together or at opposite ends of the world.

“The Distance of Your Heart isn’t just for literal distance, it’s literally for how your heart is feeling,” Emin told City Of Sydney Council.

“You could be lying in bed next to someone and you could really be missing them, or somebody you really love could be sitting on the other side of the table from you but you could really be missing them.

“I really hope that when people are walking through this big city, they stop for a moment and have a memory, a poetic thought and think about somebody they love.”

More Public Art To Come

The artwork is one of three pieces commissioned as part of the City Centre Public Art Program, which will also feature the massive 'Cloud Arch' (aka space noodle, see pic above) and 'Pavilion', a huge oversized milk crate that you can walk through. Tracey's birds are the first to be unveiled.

Let us know if you see one in the wild! 

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