Top TikTok Food Trends You Can Try At Home

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TikTok has taken the world - and quarantine - by storm! The millions of short videos on the platform are the ultimate boredom busters with everything from dance craze challenges to cute kittens to keep you mesmerised. Anyone with a twitchy teen would have seen them do the Renegade! 

The app recently smashed records with over 2 billion downloads, and with a huge, captivate audience on standby it doesn’t take much more than a cool idea to send something into a viral tailspin.

The latest trend to captivate TikTok junkies is food. We've all got to eat! While more people were at home getting creative in the kitchen, and uploading their masterpieces for millions of fellow foodies, these edible crazes were born:

Whipped Coffee

Whipped Coffee

The original and most popular Tik Tok food craze is Whipped Coffee. It takes some serious arm action but the result is a thick and frothy treat that will that caffeine buzz while Insta-impressive! Instant coffee, sugar and hot water are all you need for this little cup of delicious.

This Whipped coffee TikTok video has had almost 10 million views! We also love this easy Whipped Coffee recipe.

More Whipped Drinks

On the back of the Whipped Coffee triumph, the same technique was applied to other ingredients to create a bunch of inspired concoctions! Check out Whipped Strawberry Milk and Whipped Nutella both of which have taken off on social media.

Cloud Bread

tik tok cloud bread

This whimsical sounding treat is the latest TikTok culinary trend to go viral. The meringue-like Cloud Bread is made of three basic ingredients: egg whites, sugar and cornstarch, and the fluffy loaves are often dyed with food colouring (for a social-media-worthy aesthetic) and flavoured with extracts, sprinkles and whatever else might look interesting. Needless to say, this one is definitely about looks and not taste!

Check out this Cloud Bread TikTok video that's had a whopping 4.5M views or learn how to make TikTok Cloud Bread with this recipe from i am a food blog.

Pancake Cereal

Pancake Cereal

Tiny pancakes were, ironically, the next big thing! Everything looks better (and less unhealthy) in miniature and this genius idea of making itty bitty pancakes has gone gangbusters online. The #pancakecereal hashtag had had over 800.8 million TikTok views and counting.

Using regular pancake batter, this TikTok video shows you how to use a water bottle to make perfect Pancake Cereal.

Tornado Omelette 

Another one that has TikTok users in a spin is this whipped up omelette.

Based on a Korean dish called the tornado omurice, to get it right it takes a fair amount of practice. You pour the whisked egg into a very hot pan and using chopsticks, twirl in the centre just as the egg begins to cook. As the egg cooks, it joins the spiral created by the twisting motion, eventually gathering up all of the egg as it has just barely cooked. Good luck with this one, you might end up with egg on your face...

Cookie Cereal

Cookie Cereal

If you can make pancake cereal, cookies are a cinch! Just cut pre-made cookie dough into teeny-tiny treats and bake them, add them to a bowl with some milk and you’ve joined the revolution!

The genius behind the viral trend has shared his perfect recipe for Cookie Cereal on Instagram.

Vegan Bacon

Vegan bacon

For a healthier treat, Vegan TikTok creator, Tabitha Brown, shared how to transform the humble carrot into delicious 'bacon' and, with a lazy  3 million followers, it became a hit!

She created the carrot bacon using maple syrup, garlic powder, onion powder, liquid smoke, and smoked paprika, and you can replicate it in an air fryer or oven.

Try your hand at Tabitha Brown's viral Vegan Bacon recipe or this one from The Edgy Veg.

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