Top 10 Things Children Really Want Their Parents To Do With Them

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By: Serina Hajje, ellaslist

It’s the day and age of ‘bigger is better’ and that big toy truck or that new doll may seem like a good way of placating kids and showing your love, but kids quickly tire of new toys. The latest Barbie or Thomas Train may make them pleased for a while but does is this what they really want?

Erin Kurt, writing for Lifehack, has been a teacher for 10 years and on every Mother’s Day she would ask her class what their mothers or carers did that made them happy.

After 10 years of asking the same question, Kurt has compiled a list of 10 things kids really want to do with their parents, and each one shows wisdom and a clear sighted sense of what really matters. You may want to grab a tissue as you read these.

1. Storytime/Singing at Bedtime

The end of the day is exhausting, you’re on your last leg and you’ve finally gotten the kids fed, in their pyjamas and in bed. Your top priority is to relax, but try tucking your kid into bed and sing a song with them. Then tell them a childhood story about yourself. That’s right, not a story about dragons and wizards, a story about you when you were their age.

2. Hugs, Kisses and Talk

At some point, kids become teens and hugs and kisses are suddenly not allowed. Sometimes getting a decent conversation out of them is a challenge. Well, before that tender age hits, kids actually want hugs and kisses and some private time to talk. It can be about anything, just be sure that it’s just between you and them.

3. Spend Time Together

Just you and your daughter/son. No siblings, no urgent phone calls and text messages. You can do anything you want, just as long as it’s between the two of you and it gives you the chance to focus solely on them.

4. Healthy Meals

Slightly unexpected, but definitely important! It’s too easy to buy ready-made treats or meals that have misleading nutritional information. Kids want to grow up healthy and food is so important to that development.

5. Dinner Chats

It’s common to have the TV on during dinner time, and that puts a stop to most conversations. Turn it off for a night and have a chat about what activities you can do as a family on the weekend.

6. Night Chats

Psychologists say that people are more honest and reveal more about themselves at night because they’re too tired to be guarded. Maybe kids are natural psychologists because many requested that parents talk to them more at night about anything, just anything.

7. Outdoor Play

This generation, more than any in the past, have more opportunities to indulge in indoor activities, but its instinctive for kids to want to play outside. Sometimes, you just have to let them run around in the garden or park.

8. Blanket Cuddles and TV

Find your softest, biggest blanket and wrap yourself with your little one in front of the TV or computer and watch a favourite TV show together. What a beautiful way to spend your afternoon.

9. Discipline

Yes, you did read that correctly. There is no better way to understand this than to read what a child wrote down to Erin Kurt: It makes me feel like you care.

10. Special Messages

While your making their lunch box, write a little message to them telling them anything you want. Or write one and put it on their desk to find. It will take you a few seconds and it will make them feel incredibly loved.

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Iina Lohi

Oct 15 2017

What sweet things to's what makes being a parent enjoyable too, and so it's not just for the kids sake!