How To Build An Impressive Gingerbread House With The Kids

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By Hayley Dean, ellaslist

Over the last few years, I have discovered the joy of the humble Gingerbread house. Mostly, I have enjoyed eating the labours of others, especially the lollies on top and will, of course, silently judge the creator if said lollies are not Allens.

This year I decided to give it a go, with the help of my two children. I pictured us wearing matching aprons, laughing as we chatted, stealing the odd snake or two and of course, building this stunning master piece together. It was to be a lovely, picture perfect parenting moment we would share together. Creating memories that would last a lifetime.

This was my inspiration – the Gingerbread house (GBH) at the Royal Sydney Golf Club.



Easy right? We can totally do this.

I shopped around at the different kits on the market; Woolies ($10), Kmart ($8), Coles ($12), Aldi ($7) etc But decided on the Ikea version for $7.95, the VINTERSAGA (sounds SO impressive) mostly because I had heard of its popularity and secondly I ended up at Ikea anyway last week so I grabbed one.

Then life happened. Neither of my kids had any interest at all in its creation and I got so busy with work, kids, life, birthdays, Christmas, school, neighbour, babysitting for friends, a seriously ill dog and the fact that they are making Jarrod the next Bachelor (WHY??)… that I absolutely ran out of time to make it, so my beautiful Mum stepped in to help. Thanks Mum, you’re the best.

Tip 1: Find a grown up to help you

Yes, that's right! If you are trying to balance it all like me, then you need a grown up in the kitchen. Anyone that has the time will do. Be thankful, not fussy.

Tip 2: Prepare some icing sugar and a piping bag

First thing you’ll notice is that it doesn’t come with icing at all. It’s just the ginger walls so make sure you sort that all out before you start building. You’ll need a piping bag and some icing sugar.


Tip 3: Stick those walls together asap

If you have tiny people with excited hands like mine, I suggest piping those walls together then leaving it to set before going any further. A good house starts with solid foundations, right?


Tip 4: Use quality lollies

Personally, I decided not to add any lollies to mine because I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my inspiration but if you are going to add them, and seriously, this is the kids favourite part, then make sure you buy quality products like Allens not no name stuff because its cheap. A good spearmint leaf in your GBH garden can make all the difference.


Tip 5: Relax.

Like all things kids, it’s going to get messy and it’s going to be hectic. Let go of the desire to outdo Donna Hay. The best houses are the ones made from love (and Allens lollies) so who cares if they look more like a biverwack than a house, the point is you did it together; be it as mother and child or daughter and mum ;)


And here is little end result. Perfect match I’d say. We're going to enjoy it with my neighbours this weekend at our street Christmas party.

Merry Christmas everyone!