This Avo Toast Comes With A Hefty Price Tag Of Over A Million Bucks

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By: Rosie Stevens, ellaslist

If you’re a non baby-boomer, you’ll no doubt remember the hallowed day that property king pin, Tim Gurner, so memorably explained to the nation that the simple reason people of subsequent generations are struggling to buy property, is because we spend too much money on avocado toast. Not soaring costs of living or otherworldly house prices—nope, it has to be the avocado toast.


In response, artsy power couple, Ken and Julia Yonetani, have created a sculpture entitled Avocado On Toast: the reality sandwich, and it’s valued at a whopping $1,041,689, which is the amount of a median house price in Sydney. It's made on a porcelain plate with resin and acrylic paint, measuring 26.5cm x 26.5 cm x 4.5 cm.

Ultimately, the sculpture poses questions around the actual worth of houses and sculpture, and how our perceptions of the two influence real estate and art markets. When does the price of something become so unobtainable it seems unreal and mere speculation? 

And, it’s proven pretty popular. The piece has been announced as a finalist for the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, which you can see from October 20th to November 11th.

The best news? It’s free! Meaning you can save your money for an avo-themed brunch instead. Here's where you can get smashed avo for under $15 in Sydney. 

Hero image:

The Details

Where:  Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize Acquisitions Collection, 536 New South Head Rd, Double Bay 
When:    20 October - 11 November 2018 
Cost:      FREE


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