Ice Skating in Brisbane: Cool Spots to Hit the Ice

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Is there anything cooler than ice skating (pun intended)? Think about it, you're gliding on a rink made completely of ice! Magic. Aside from being super cool, ice skating in Brisbane is great exercise, an awesome family activity year-round, and one of the best ways to cool down on a stinking hot summer day.

If you’ve got a little Nancy Kerrigan in your house (hopefully not a Tonya Harding!), check out these top spots for ice skating in the city. And if you're out and about on the Gold Coast, we've got some ice skating options there too!

Ice Skating in Brisbane: Cool Spots to Hit the Ice

1. Iceworld Boondall

Where to go ice skating in Brisbane
Ice World 

For some of the best ice skating in Brisbane, you can go past the Olympic skating rinks at Iceworld.

Iceworld Boondall is just one of the rinks on offer at Iceworld and offers ice skating seven days a week, plus coffee skate sessions on Tuesday mornings! Kids as young as three can also enrol in their skate school (and they teach adults, too, if you’ve always wanted to learn), and you can have skate parties for kids from the age of four. 

Location: 2304 Sandgate Rd, Boondall

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2. Iceworld Acacia Ridge

Where to go ice skating in Brisbane
Ice World Acacia Ridge

If you’re a Southsider, you might want to head along to the southern Iceworld rink at Iceworld Acacia Ridge.

Just like its northern neighbour, Iceworld Acacia Ridge offers kids’ parties and a skate school. Acacia Ridge has coffee skate sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 

Location: 1179 Beaudesert Rd, Acacia Ridge

3. Rollerdome

Rollerdome Caloundra

Rollerdome in Caloundra is technically a roller skating rink, but they offer the best of both worlds when they transform their roller skating rink into an ice skating rink in the stinking hot summer months.

So, if you've gotten your fill of roller skating during winter and are keen to switch over to the icy side come summer, head to Rollerdome for some skating. 

Location: 19 Caloundra Rd , Caloundra

4. Gold Coast Iceland

Where to go ice skating in Brisbane
Gold Coast Iceland

Another ice skating rink on the Gold Coast, Iceland in Bundall offers casual skating as well as an ice skating school run by none other than Olympic figure skater, Sharon Burley-Sullivan!

Ice hockey lessons are also on offer, but for now, we'll just stick to shimmying our way across the ice with the kids, thank you!

Location: 15 Strathaird Rd, Bundall

5. The Winter Village, Brisbane

Winter Village Brisbane
The Winter Village

*Season finished - check back soon for 2024 dates.*

This one isn’t all year round, but gosh, it’s worth the wait! 

The Winter Village Brisbane has transformed Hamilton into a magical winter wonderland complete with icy igloos and, you guessed it, an ice skating rink! 

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