Super Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

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We know - Christmas can be crazy this time of year. With the endless lists of things to buy, things to cook, and places to be... when December hits, it's all systems go. But what's the festive season without a bit of Christmas crafts for kids? 

These super cute and super easy Christmas crafts will give you some quality time with your little elves without loads of hassle. We've rounded up some of the most simple Christmas craft ideas that can help you tick "make stuff with the family" off the to-do list with ease!

Super Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

1. Paper Straw Christmas Trees

Christmas Crafts with Kids
Recycle your straws for these cute Christmas tree ornaments via Simple as That.

Simple but effective - cut graduating lengths of festive paper straws and hot-glue them in length order onto another straw cut in half. Add a sparkly star to the top, and you're done!

Some gold ribbon is perfectly tied around the top and added to the tree.

2. Baby Wreath Collage

Christmas Crafts with Kids
Put your craft supplies to jolly good use for these bespoke wreaths via Veggie Mama.

Grab some Christmas-themed pictures, printables, cutouts, stickers, felt pieces, pompoms and rubber stamps (or whatever you have on hand, really!) and place them in a container.

Paint some paste on circles cut from green cardboard, and let your little one grab fun pieces as they choose and stick them to the cardboard.

A sprinkle of glitter and then outside to dry for a very sweet Christmas wreath.

3. VTech Make & Spin Bouquet

Vtech Make and Spin Bouquet
VTech Make and Spin Bouquet is a great option for Christmas crafts! 

Young flower enthusiasts can let their creativity bloom as they construct a myriad of floral combinations with the VTech Make and Spin Bouquet. Assemble various types of flowers, stems, stamen, and foliage—and once the floral masterpiece takes shape, it's time to decide where each element goes in the pot.

Release the bee and butterfly to gracefully hover over your creation, and watch them perch delicately on the petals. And here's where your personal touch comes in – you can use the included flower templates to add vibrant colours to more petals, giving your bouquets a unique twist. To complete the floral symphony, add some music, and behold as your floral creation twirls and blossoms in perfect harmony with the rhythm. The best part? You can create this floral wonder again and again, making it a gift that keeps on giving this Christmas time! 

4. Paddle Pop Stick Stars

Make your own Christmas tree decorations
Save a pretty penny making your own decorations via Raised From Scratch.

Hot glue three paddle-pop sticks into a star shape and let the kids go nuts with the decorating. Ribbon, glitter, sparkle stickers, gold paint - anything is possible!

Glue a little string on the top for you to hang on the Christmas tree branches, and voila - Christmas crafts for kids! 

5. Style 4 Ever Air Brush and Plush Kit

Style 4 Ever Air Brush Plush
The Style 4 Ever Air Brush and Plush Kit makes an awesome Christmas craft present!

Unleash your creativity by designing and crafting your very own multi-coloured plush using the battery-powered airbrush gun and easy-to-use stick-on stencils with the Style 4 Ever Air Brush and Plush Kit. Dive into a world of vibrant possibilities as you apply your favorite colours with the airbrush gun, creating cool and seamlessly blended effects. When you're ready for a change, a simple wash-off allows you to start anew.

6. Paper Chains

Christmas Crafts with Kids
Save Christmas wrapping paper scraps for these paper garlands via The Green Dragonfly.

Christmas crafts for kids don't come easier than paper chains! Use leftover Christmas wrapping paper (or any festive or craft paper) to create this nostalgic kiddo decoration!

Cut paper into strips between 10 and 15cm long and about 5cm wide. Glue or staple the ends together before weaving through another piece of paper and glueing or stapling those ends. Continue for as long as the paper (or your patience!) allows! Great for window frames, walls, and ceilings, instead of tinsel on trees, and for outdoor decorations.

7. Felt Christmas Trees

Christmas Crafts with Kids
These teeny DIY Christmas trees are sew cute via Easy Peasy and Fun.

One for the budding sewers in the family, felt trees are one of our favourite Christmas crafts for kids. Cut two pieces of green felt in a triangular shape, and use a running stitch to sew them together. You could even stuff them with hobby fill for a more 3D appearance!

Glue or sew on a tree base and fun baubles and decorations, and you have a very cute and easy idea for kids at Christmas. 

8. Origami Santas

Christmas Crafts with Kids - Origami
These little guys make a fun Christmas craft for little fingers via The Spruce Crafts.

Add some origami to your list of Christmas crafts for kids! This wins the prize for the least amount of items needed: only paper! Origami Santas are deceptively simple - just a few folds and you're away! Find Origami Santa instructions via The Spruce Crafts or try your hand at stars, snowflakes, Christmas tree cards and more.

You can even watch a step-by-step instructional video from Origami Time. Easy!

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