Sydney❜s Getting A Light-Up Playground!

  • All Ages

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

It's like Vivid....but indoors! Coming in November to the Powerhouse Museum is their Summer blockbuster exhibition: Learn & Play! teamLab Future Park, a playful, immersive and glowing world for all ages to explore and enjoy. You can watch the magical video HERE. 

Created by Japanese art collective teamLab, this exhibition uses cutting edge technology to create new worlds and delightful experiences. Future Park will consist of 8 interactive installations which move and evolve in reaction to visitors interactions with it:

  • Make music with Light Ball Orchestra as balls small and large, suspended and rolling connect with each other to create a live composition. This ever-changing symphony is combined with a light show as the balls change colour as they interact.
  • Graffiti Nature - Mountains and Valleys creates a digital environment to be populated by visitor drawings of animals and plants. Witness a colourful world grow from a shared vision of what was, what is and what could be.
  • Sketch Town invites visitors to populate a town of their collective imagination by drawing vehicles, buildings and public places. As Sketch Town grows its creators can interact with the townscape they have designed.
  • Hopscotch for Geniuses gives a new, digital twist to one of the world’s oldest games. Part interactive dance, part traditional hopscotch, this is a game that will keep people on their toes.
  • A Table Where Little People Live is a busy table populated by tiny characters rushing about their business. Change their paths, create obstacles or interactions with other little people, all by using objects to change the table where little people live.
  • Sketch People as you see them, as you want to see them, however you can imagine them. Sketched people will be scanned and entered into a digital world to form relationships and interact.
  • Sketch Town Papercraft takes visitor drawings and scans them into 3D sketches that can be printed as 3D models.
  • In Connecting! Block Town the digital meets the physical as cars, trains, boats and planes crisscross through projections and change their course when intercepted by building blocks controlled by visitors acting as air traffic controllers, traffic managers and coast guards.

Get Creative with Light

Across these 8 zones you can enter pretend worlds, create creatures of the future, make music using light and movement, and build your own city! 

Graffiti Nature

Sketch Town

A Table Where Little People Live

Connecting! Block Town

Light Ball Orchestra

Hopscotch For Geniuses

The exhibition opens at the Powerhouse Museum on 24 November 2017 and will run until 30 April 2018. Tickets from $17.30. You can keep up to date with information here.