Swimply, the Airbnb of Swimming Pools is Making a Splash in Australia

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Fancy a dip? Pool party? A few laps? But don't have a pool? This news will sit swimmingly with you. Swimply is the Airbnb of swimming pools, and it's here to make sure you have the best summer ever. 

Swimply is for all of us who love the idea of a pool but don't have the funds or the energy to keep one afloat in the backyard. So for all you pool lovers who don't own a pool simply hire one this summer!

A Swimple Plan

Swimply pool hire in Australia
Hire a pool for the day with Swimply Australia.

The concept is simple. A pool owner lists their pool with images, details, pricing and house rules on Swimply's website. Potential swimmers can view all the details plus previous reviews and submit a request for the date and hours they wish to use the pool. Rates will flow between weekday and weekend usage but start at around $20 per hour.

Swimply launched in the US in 2018 and launched in Australia just in time for summer — in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane so far but we expect it to start making waves across the entire nation soon. 

You can choose between outdoor, indoor, fresh water and saltwater pools on its site. Some come with extra amenities such as BBQs, floating pool toys, hammocks, waterslides, spas, deck chairs and basketball courts.

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Princess and the Pee 

Swimply pool hire
Swimply pool hire

Any parent will be thinking, but what about all the toddler pee.... well, the company partners with local pool-maintenance firms to make sure that pools are hygenic and have proper pH levels before they’re listed. And as for needing to go yourself, the host will either have a special guest bathroom or portable toilet onsite or provide swimmers with instructions for accessing one inside the home. Phew!

This summer, live your best life... by the hour.

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