The Best Subscription Boxes in Australia for Beauty, Food, Kids & More

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The golden age of online shopping is upon us! With the click of a button, we can have just about any product or subscription boxes in Australia on our doorstep in a matter of days (or even hours!). 

Over the past year, there has been an insurgence of companies providing curated subscription boxes tailored to fit your needs and wants. Not sure which makeup trends you should be trying? There’s a subscription box for that! Looking to up your reading quota but don’t have the time to scroll the best sellers list? There’s a subscription box for that! Keen to push your culinary boundaries but don’t know where to find those exotic ingredients? There’s a subscription box for that! The possibilities are endless. 

The Best Subscription Boxes in Australia for Beauty, Food, Kids & More

Make-up and Beauty Subscription Boxes

If you’re keen on having the latest lipstick shade or are always on the hunt for a new hydrating moisturiser, then makeup and beauty subscription boxes are a wonderful way to get a selection of the best products on the market.

1. bellabox

Best subscription boxes in Australia

Before receiving your bellabox filled with five beauty, skincare and haircare products, you’ll fill out a questionnaire to ensure the team can send you a beauty subscription box perfectly matched to suit you. 

2. Peony Parcel

Subscription boxes in Australia
Peony Parcel delivers 'me time' in a box!

This quarterly subscription service is all about emphasising YOU, which means you’ll receive a box brimming with self-care pamper products. With one-off, half-yearly and annual billing options, Peony Parcel has plenty of ways to prioritise 'me time' with some seriously high-end beauty products.

3. GoodnessMe

Subscription boxes in Australia
GoodnessMe beauty subscription boxes.

Get pampered every quarter with a new beauty subscription box from GoodnessMe.

As their name suggests, GoodnessMe are all about injecting goodness back into your life with wholesome products across their entire range of subscription boxes. For beauty fiends, their beauty subscriptions are delivered every four months with all-natural, chemical-free beauty and lifestyle products. Let your year of wellness begin!

Kids' Subscription Boxes in Australia

Parents of inquiring little minds will understand the need for mindful activities to be on-hand and at the ready. However, taking the time to find said activities can be another challenge. Fret not because this is where kids' subscription boxes in Australia can really help out in providing entertaining projects for your little ones.

4. Easy Come Easy Grow

Easy Come Easy Grow
Little green thumbs will love their monthly delivery from Easy Come Easy Grow.

Easy Come Easy Grow is a monthly seed delivery subscription that is the perfect way to encourage your burgeoning mini-green thumbs!

Each month you’ll receive three herb or vegetable seeds with nurture and care instructions. Extra points here for encouraging activities to help your kids learn the benefits of planet-friendly practices.

5. PeekyMe

Kids subscription boxes in Australia
PeekyMe subscription boxes are full of crafty materials for creative kids.

The PeekyMe subscription box takes the grunt work out of coming up with creative ideas for your children during arts and crafts time.

Created and curated by two Melbourne primary school teachers, these monthly themed boxes come with all the necessary materials for your kids to create, including scissors, paint, paintbrushes and glue.

Book Subscription Boxes

If you’re a bookworm or if reading more books is on your New Year’s resolution list, then a book subscription box will be the perfect hassle-free way to get your read on. 

6. Bionic Book Subscription

Bionic Book Subscription
Bionic Book Subscription will send you a personalised selection every month!

Born in Melbourne during one of their many lockdowns, Bionic Book Subscription recognised that escaping to other worlds without leaving the house had never been more important.

With a passion for encouraging both non-readers and literature lovers to engage with the entertaining and uplifting experience of reading, their mission is to enrich everyone's lives with the unbridled joy of a good novel.

Their expert curators select books based on your preferences and send them straight to your door every month (or two months) for $29.95.

7. WellRead

WellRead book subscription
WellRead expertly picks the best new titles so you don't waste your time and money!

The great thing about WellRead is the option to choose subscriptions for not only you but also for your kids. You can choose from monthly or bi-monthly plans, which will deliver a 'thoughtfully selected' book to your home. That truly sounds very thoughtful!

Food Subscription Boxes

Whether you’re looking for some ways to upskill in the kitchen or if you want a bougie treat for the table each month, food subscription boxes will turn mealtimes into a much more exciting event.

8. Hey Baker!

Hey Baker!
Get kids in the kitchen with these fun baking kits delivered to your door.

We all know that cooking with kids takes a considerable amount of preparation and organisation, so why not cut out the middleman and relieve yourself of that stress?

The folks over at Hey Baker! will deliver a monthly box filled with all the dry ingredients you’ll need to make three recipes with your kids. Sounds like a win-win, considering you get to enjoy the special treats once you’ve made them!

9. East 33

Best Subscription Boxes in Australia
East 33 offers the ultimate indulgence: Sydney Rock Oysters delivered!

Two dozen Sydney Rock Oysters delivered to your home every month? Don’t mind if we do! If you’ve got a penchant for the finer things in life, then an East 33 oyster subscription will be a very fancy addition to your life. Go on, treat yourself. You deserve it!

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