Spriggy Pocket Money App — Mums Review

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We asked Jodi, a super-organised mum of four, Yvette, an utterly disorganised mum of two and Grace, a mum of two super-unique identical twins to set up Spriggy accounts for their kids and tell us what they thought. Spriggy provides a prepaid card for kids (aged 6 to 17 years old) and a mobile app that parents and kids use together to help teach them the concepts of earning, saving and responsible spending.

The value of money

Explaining the value of money to children can be a real task for parents. With traditional approaches ranging from the good, old-fashioned piggy bank to a bank account that always feels very out of reach and non-tangible to kids, the Spriggy app is changing the way that kids can see, and interact with their money for the better. 

Jodi says “I think it's a modern day pocket money system and it really does work in the same way. The kids get pocket money and either decide to spend or save. Some traditional pocket money systems would work solely on cash and others would be going into a bank account, whereas Spriggy bridges the gap between these two concepts, which really brings the value of money to the forefront of the conversation.” Grace agrees, explaining that “Spriggy helped me explain that we can now set goals for something they would really like to buy with their pocket money, and that working towards that goal is worth the wait.”

Yvette believes that spending needs extra parental guidance and education, as it's all too easy to swipe a card without thought — adults and kids alike. “Being financially smart as an adult is as much about minimising unnecessary spending as it is about earning more, and Spriggy creates opportunity for parents to educate on good spending.”

Independence and ownership 

All of our testers unanimously agreed that the Spriggy process is empowering for children. From receiving mail addressed to them, to having a personalised, ‘grown up’ prepaid card and being able to see their savings grow, Spriggy enables kids to make independent decisions based on their balance and whether they’d like to spend or save.

Jodi says “the girls feel more in control, more independent. They get to manage their own money, decide what they save towards and what they want to spend immediately. They are starting to realise that if they save their money they can get something they really want as opposed to a 'short term fix' like a cheap toy or lolly. They are actually getting excited about watching their money grow.”

Life skills

The mum’s all also agreed that Spriggy offers an excellent alternative to the traditional, cash-based pocket money system. Grace has also enjoyed using Spriggy as a tool for the application of maths to everyday life. She explains “both of my boys are struggling a little with maths at school, and a Spriggy account is helping them understand money a lot better, for example "if I save up $10 every month for the next 3 months I will save a total of $30 by the time it's my birthday”.

Parents love it 

According to Yvette, the app is extremely easy to administer. She says that it takes just seconds to transfer funds from your linked account to Spriggy, and seconds to transfer those funds into your kid's account.

She concludes, “overall we love the simplicity and speed of Spriggy. It's a really fun reward system that takes seconds, removes all the coins lying about, and means you don’t have to set foot in a bank to pay money in. The app has had some excellent early positive impacts on our daughter’s financial education and makes a really nice addition to our household.”