Spanx CEO Offers Advice on How to Succeed

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

CEO of Spanx (and our new favourite power woman) Sara Blakely shares some candid advice with Business Insider, that she received from her father growing up that helped make her a successful woman and business person.

Sara is the mum of three boys – a 7-year old and 2-year old twins and successfully juggles being a mum with a billion-dollar empire. These are her secrets:

Celebrate the ‘Oops’

Sara believes that redefining your idea of failure to mean ‘not trying’ will encourage you to take those risks and leaps needed for success, whether it’s starting a business, going to that audition or starting that new art work.

If we can learn to celebrate the ‘oops’ moments in our lives and acknowledge that we learnt from them, then that’s when true success can begin.

Find Out Sara’s Other Top Tips in the Video Below: It’s inspirational!

Source: Business Insider