Six of the Best Kid-Friendly Activities at Penrith Panthers

By Lenore Pearson, ellaslist explorer

The best things about Penrith Panthers World of Entertainment is that it is packed with action all in one handy location. No need to herd the kids in and out of the car to move from one place to the next; just park the car in the morning, have a jam-packed day around the complex and don’t return until it’s time to go home.

1. Aqua Golf

Great fun for the whole family where hitting golf balls into a lake is the aim of the game. Each participant has their own hitting bay with its own hitting mat and protective netting on both sides. Golf clubs are provided in all sizes from children to adults and to keep things interesting there are monetary incentives. If you hit a target, you win a 2 for 1 card: Buy one bucket, get one FREE! If you score a hole in one, you win $10, $20 or $100!

ppw golf 2

 2. Cables Wake Park

If you are lucky enough to get a warm and sunny day, have some water fun with the kids at the cable lakes where people of all ability levels can water-ski, wakeboard or kneeboard. Younger kids are well catered for with a great playground area and huge jumping pillow. The play area is free to use, as are the basketball and beach volleyball facilities. There is also an Aqua Park on the water consisting of inflatable slides, trampolines and obstacles. Free BBQ areas, a cafe and small water fountain area for kids under 6 add to the enjoyable Cables experience.

cables wake park

 3. iFly Down Under

Sky Diving without actually jumping from a plane – genius! Your iFly experience takes place in a large glass flight chamber where wind generators propel you into flight. Indoor sky diving is safe for kids from 3 years. Your entry fee includes a pre-flight training session, where participants learn the skills of expert skydivers, a jumpsuit and safety gear and two ‘flights’. Family and friends who don’t wish to participate, can watch from the viewing platform and may take photos.

Flight instructors are extremely sensitive to the individual needs of each participant. The wind generators can be turned up and down according to the age and ability level of each person.

ifly strip

 4. KAOS Games Arcade

Just when you thought the kids couldn’t be entertained any more, enter the ultimate arcade centre located within the Penrith Panthers building and be amazed. Enjoy some friendly family competition as you make your way through the largest selection of ticket and prize winning games, the latest video arcade games, driving simulators, pool tables and specific to Penrith KAOS a roller coaster simulator and the latest craze in bowling – Highway 66 Mini Bowling.

5. Harry’s Cafe de Wheels

A perfect lunch break – The iconic Harry’s Cafe is over 70 years old and still delivering ‘Sydney’s Best Pies’. You’ll love introducing a whole new generation to a delicious pie made to their time-honoured recipe. Or maybe try, what in my book is still considered, the best hot dog ever!

 6. Spur

Finish off your fun filled family day at the top family friendly foodie spot in Penrith, where eating is secondary to the kids play area. At Spur, adjacent to Penrith Panthers, the kids are spoiled for choice not only with the sensational kid’s menu but with a little world of entertainment all of their own including a movie room, an iPad room and a soft play area for the little ones. The Tex-Mex inspired adult’s menu is equally impressive.

ppw menu

ppw food

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