Simpsons Themed Bar Popping Up In Sydney, Melbourne And Brisbane

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

Anyone else think of the Flamin' Moes cocktail when they administer cough syrup to their kids? No, just me? Well I know I won't be alone when I pull up a pew at Springfield's favourite bar when comes to Australia in April 2019. The Flaming Moe's Pop-up Bar will opens its doors in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. This will be huge!

We don't know the exact dates/deets yet but when we do, be assured we will quote Mayor Quimby who said (on Veteran's Day), "Henceforth, this date shall forever be known as Flaming Moe's Day!"

The creators have gone all out with the experience and you can expect 'Moe' behind the bar mixing bottomless cocktails and Duff beer plus all of the show's best characters hanging around too. 

There will also be Simpsons Trivia for those who grew up watching the show every night at 6pm and want the chance to win heaps of Simpsons prizes. 

Sign up here to be notified of ticket releases. If you miss out, expect a big HA-HA (said in Nelson's voice) from your friends. 

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