Top Parenting Hacks for Lockdown With Amazon Alexa

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Let’s be real, keeping kids occupied can be tough at the best of time.

Keeping them occupied during an extended lockdown while also trying to home-school, work and survive… well, it’s a whole new level, isn’t it?

So, we worked with the team at Amazon Australia to create seven ways to keep kids busy with their incredible tech and Amazon skills.

Let's go...

1. Amazon Echo Show 10

Ways to Keep Kids Busy
Amazon Echo 10 Keeps Kids Connected. Image supplied

You might not be able to enjoy extended family time right now (or dial up a babysitter for kid-free fun) but your kids can still connect with their extended family via the Amazon Echo Show 10. It not only has plenty of handy skills, found below, but also has video-calling capabilities. You could even get the grandparents to read a bedtime story and best of all, they just need to download the Amazon Alexa app if they don’t have a device.

2. Amazon Storytime

For those with kids between the age of five and 12, Amazon Storytime is an incredible skill that can be played straight through all Alexa-enabled devices inlcuding the all-new Echo Show 8, Echo Show 10, Echo Dot. There’s a collection of more than a hundred short stories, with categories like bedtime, silly, family and friends. There’s even a magic story wheel with a surprise set of stories.

3. Disney+

Disney + for kids
Disney + for kids 

Pretty obvious, right? But we don’t feel so bad about streaming when you can dip between entertainment and educational. That’s all thanks to the incredible mix of Disney Classics sitting aside so many documentaries. Best of all, Disney+ has something for every age and is a reasonable $11.99 per month. You can access Disney+, Netflix, ABC Kids, Prime Video and more on the Fire TV.

4. Kids Quiz

Another great Amazon Skill if you’ve got an Alexa-enabled device is Kids Quiz. Created by the same team behind the ever-popular Question of the Day, Kids Quiz is a brilliant educational tool. It asks fun new questions every day, ranging from animals, science, fun facts and brain teasers. Suitable for kids five to 12.

5. Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is the ideal e-reader for kids as its not only lightweight and thin but also waterproof so it's perfect for taking to the beach or sitting in the backyard. There's an endless array of incredible titles, with everything from the Harry Potter series to Artemis Fowl. And the battery lasts weeks rather than just a few hours. 

6. ABC Kids

It’s a no brainer for those with pre-schoolers, with ABC Kids being the #1 channel that both educates and entertains. And you can watch ABC Kids on both the Fire TV Stick and Echo Show 10

7. Preschool Meditation

Alexa Parenting Hacks
Amazon Echo can instantly guide kids through meditation

Okay, if you’re feeling your jaw tightening and your patience dwindling, then unlock the calm with one of many meditation apps out there. We like Alexa’s Pre-school meditation as you can voice activate it when the squabbling starts.  It’s like a blissful time out.

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