Save Money and Time in The Kitchen With Adam Liaw

You’ve probably heard of Adam Liaw. 

He’s a cook, a TV personality, an author, a podcaster,  AND he was the winner of the second season of MasterChef Australia. 

But did you know that he is also a father of THREE kids under ten? 

The first thing we wanted to know when we heard this was how he manages to keep it all together and does he cook for his family at home? 

In partnership with Cooking With Lilly, Adam has pulled together the following helpful tips to save both money and time in the kitchen, no matter how busy you are. 


Cooking at home with Adam Liaw

Tip one: Plan, but not too much

Grocery shopping often makes up a large part of your monthly budget, so it’s great to plan ahead where you can. Making a shopping list prevents you from getting sidetracked while at the shops, but you should still be open to substitutions if a particular ingredient looks good or is cheaper than what you’d planned. The price and quality of many vegetables can vary a lot, so being able to change your mind while shopping is very important for staying within your budget.

Tip two: Read the recipe first

Before heading to the shops, look for recipe ideas and write down the ingredients and the quantities. Most people don’t take the extra step to add quantities to their shopping list, which often means they buy more than they need, wasting money and food.

If you’re time-poor, Australia’s favourite free-range chicken Lilydale has you covered with its cooking platform, Cooking With Lily. 

Plan ahead what you need via checking the website, or if you do end up walking into a store without a list – simply scan the QR code on all Lilydale products and discover fresh recipes and tips from cooks such as me.

Tip three: Purchase seasonal produce

Very simply, when produce is in season, it will be cheaper and of better quality than when it isn’t. It will also usually be grown in Australia, which is important. Use your smartphone to check what’s in season or coming into season. 

Otherwise, just look for what’s inexpensive, locally grown and looks fresh. That will almost always be what is in season at the time.

Tip four: Make extra and freeze it

Freezing leftovers is a great way to save time and money and reduce food waste. 

My rule is that I tend to double the recipe if I’m cooking something for more than an hour and a half. Long-cooked dishes generally freeze really well and making a bigger batch can be energy and time efficient. Divide the extra into containers that will be the size of a single meal for your family, then label them with the date and contents. Always check the freezer before you go grocery shopping, as more often than not, there will be something in there for dinner.

"Don’t throw out leftovers; eat them, freeze them, or repurpose them into other dishes."

Tip five: Waste not, want not

The easiest way to stop wasting money is to stop wasting food. Use chicken bones and vegetable offcuts to make stock – if you don’t have enough to make a batch of stock, just freeze them until you do. 

Don’t throw out leftovers; eat them, freeze them, or repurpose them into other dishes. 

The bits and pieces left over from just about any meal can make really great pizza, pasta or fried rice - it’s an easy way to hide lots of yummy veg for the kids. 

For cooking tips in the kitchen and my Taste Trails Lilydale chicken recipes, head to

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