Provocative Ad To Get Parents in Denmark to Make Babies

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Do it for Denmark! Do it for Mum!

It’s the hilarious slogan encouraging young people in Denmark to procreate- targeting the declining birthrate that seems to be a problem in many European countries.

Encouraging Couples To Get Busy

The average birthrate in Denmark is 1.7 kids per family- not enough to maintain the population, which is already small to start with! The ad is made by Spies Resjer, a Danish travel company, and works to encourage young couples to have children to make their parents happy grandparents, and encourages grandparents to help send their kids on “active holidays”- where statistically, couples have more sex.

It’s so funny, it’ll probably work.

Why Are Birthrates So Low?

Couples are waiting until they are about 29 on average to start families, quite a bit older than averages around the world. Having children over the age of 35 is becoming more popular, too.

Do it for Denmark, Do it For Mum- hey, we’re convinced!

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