Proof That Pregnancy Does Cause ❛Baby Brain❜

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Finally! The proof that us mums have been waiting for: baby brain really does exist! New research has shown that pregnancy leads to structural changes in the brain that persist for at least two years, according to a small study of first-time mums.

Forgetting names, the day of the week, your birthday… these were always things that we put down to the long, arduous and tiresome days with a newborn. But now we can point to science next time we forget to shower!

According to Nature Neuroscience, growing a baby results in the reduction of grey matter in areas of the brain which is responsible for how we feel and the thoughts we have towards other people.


Nature’s Way Of Preparing Us

The authors of this study think that perhaps this is our body’s way of preparing us for the demands of motherhood.

The analysis also involved 20 women who had never given birth, 19 first-time fathers and 17 men without children to provide further evidence that these changes in pregnant women were connected to biological processes of pregnancy. The results? Grey matter reduction was not seen in new fathers or non-parents.

The pregnant women in the study were tested again at a follow-up session and it was determined that these changes in the brain lasted nearly two years after giving birth. Which means you have a couple of years to milk this excuse!

A Final Note

While changes in brain structures associated with pregnancy were shown in this study, the researches did say that they did not show actual cognitive deficits or memory problems, just simply that the area of the brain linked with these skills does change. It’s up to you whether you choose to ‘forget’ this piece of information when relaying this article to your partner…

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