Pretty In Pink KitKats: The New Chocolate in Town

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By Melissa Fine, ellaslist

It's the chocolate variety we've all been waiting for. Pastel pink chocolate.

Callebaut, the Swiss cocoa producer and the largest one in the world has conjured up a new colour for chocolate. With no artificial food colourings in sight, the ruby hue of this smooth, fruity flavoured choccie is all natural thanks to a different kind of cocoa bean: 'ruby beans' cultivated without genetic modification in the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil. It was discovered during processing that a pink cocoa powder could be extracted from the ruby beans.

It's been more than 80 years since Nestle figured out how to naturally make chocolate white. Following milk, dark and white, pink chocolate is now the fourth natural chocolate hue on the market. 

Where can we get a piece of pink?!

Nestle's KitKat is one of the first to hop on the pink chocolate train, with two berry good varieties:

The Sublime Ruby ($5) is a KitKat wafer-finger coated with Ruby chocolate for $5.

The 8-finger Black Label Ruby ($20) comes coated with Ruby chocolate, with sweet dried strawberries, tart raspberries + caramelised meringue sprinkled on top.

You'll find these pretty in pink babies exclusively at Melbourne Central's KitKat Chocolatory...let's hope they pop up in Sydney sometime soon - if not we might just have to plan a trip to Melbourne...

Hero image source: SBS Food

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