Pregnancy Cravings Sorted With Pickles Ice-Blocks

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

This new popsicle is set to make some people gag, and others (mostly pregnant women) rejoice! Pickles ice-blocks are a thing, made simply from frozen pickle juice, and we're not sure how to feel about it.

The U.S based company Bob's Pickle Pops is responsible for this opinion-dividing treat, which they claim can be enjoyed as "a frozen treat on hot summer days, and as a thirst quenching muscle helping pick me up during strenuous exercise." Although it might seem like what is sure to be a short-lived fad, we could potentially see these babies being handed around at half-time during kid's soccer games and pregnant women rushing into convenience stores at all hours of the day and night to score a box.

Hop On The Pickles Bandwagon

Social media has gone pretty crazy for them too, these positive reactions leaving us wondering why we never knew there was a pickles bandwagon. We're considering hopping on....

Not only are pregnant women professing their love of pickle ice blocks from the rooftops, but according to the manufacturer's website, they're a favourite of professional cyclists, too. They even go as far as quoting a recent medical journal that showed that pickle juice alleviated muscle cramps. 

Unfortunately, they're not yet available in Australia, but if they catch on, we're sure they'll be in the frozen section of your local supermarket in a heartbeat. Until then, try pouring the juice from a jar of pickles into icy pole moulds and making your own! But only if you're really that desperate...

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