The Pokémon Jet is Back and Here❜s How to Book Your Seats

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If you've got a few Pokémon fans in your household (guilty!), they'll be jumping for joy at the news that the famous Pokémon Jet is back and ready to take to the skies!

The Pokémon Jet Returns to the Skies

Pokemon Jet
Pokémon Air Adventures

To celebrate their 10th birthday, Scoot, one of Australia's favourite budget airlines, is teaming up with Pokémon Air Adventures to bring the world of Pokémon to the skies. 

While we've never heard of Pokémon Jets before, it turns out they're definitely not a new phenomenon. As the craze of Pokémon took the world by storm back in 1996, China airline All Nippon Airways capitalised on the craze by creating the first-ever Pokémon Jets. Timed with the release of Pokémon: The First Movie in 1998, two Boeing aircrafts took to the skies, each adorned with over 150 Pokémon characters, including the much-loved Pikachu.

Several more Pokémon Jets have been created since then, including a Pikachu-themed one dubbed the Pikachu Jet BC2 that's operated by Skymark Airlines. Scoot's Pokémon Jet is the newest aircraft to join the ranks and is set to impress the socks off of Pokémon fans young and old with their insanely-cool themed offerings. 

Introducing Scoot's Pikachu Jet

Scoot Pikachu Jet interior
The Pikachu-themed seats on the Pikachu Jet TR.

The Scoot X Pokémon livery decided to go with (we think) the most adorable of Pokémon characters: Pikachu. Scoot's new Pikachu Jet TR is nothing short of spectacular, both inside and out.

The fuselage features vibrantly coloured Pikachu, Pichu, Shaymin, Psyduck, Lapras, Celebi and Meganium amidst deep orange flower petals. There are also Pokémons hiding on both of the wings, which passengers and encouraged to try and find when boarding.

Pikachu Jet meals
Pokémon food and drinks. 
First-class Pikachu Jet
First-class seats. 

The interior has been adorned with all things Pikachu, including Pikachu-themed seats, prints on the overhead cabins, Pikachu-themed meals, themed tote bags, lanyards, bucket hats, and collector’s edition models of the aircraft itself. Plus, Pikachu's voice will be part of the announcements and in-flight entertainment - adorable!

How to Book a Flight on the Pikachu Jet

If you're keen to book a flight on Scoot's Pikachu Jet, you can do so if you're flying from Australia to Japan and transiting between Singapore to Tokyo. The first flight will depart Singapore on 9 September 2022 - get booking!

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