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By Emily O’Brien, ellaslist

Ahh, Port Macquarie—from the stunning 17 beaches that trickle along the coastline to the fabulous Billabong Zoo to the Aqua Park at Stoney Park. It’s nearly impossible to find a shortage of activities for any age, but there’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned romp at the playground, if you ask me. And what kid doesn’t love a new place to run around and explore? We tried out these two Port Macquarie parks and found lots to rave about.


Livvi’s Place at Westport Reserve Livvi’s Place Playground is located within Westport Reserve in Port Macquarie CBD and it has a nautical theme! How perfect is that? Running right along the coast, it offers a great view out in any direction. This fenced-in park features lots of varied equipment, most notable being a wheel chair accessible pirate ship. (Fun fact: It was created by local ship builders and painted by pop artist Carmel Debreiul.) Lounge in the shade of a gigantic old tree or cool off on the splash pad. There’s also a lookout tower that kids can climb up. This playground is perfect for kids 9 & under.

You’ll find places to sit and rest at this park, plus some shelter and the bathrooms are nearby at public facilities, a block or so away. It’s easy to reach on foot or by bike using the path along the coast, but you could also drive and park in the lot. There’s a big grassy field, part of Westport Reserve, with BBQs too. Don't forget to check out the pelican feeding just outside the park too!

In a Nutshell

Nearest cafe: a few blocks Toilets: not at the park, but in nearby establishments
Shade: some
Enclosed: fenced-in but not fully enclosed
Parking: yes
Public transport: no
Best feature: the large wheelchair accessible ship

What You Need to Know

Address: Park Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444
Tips: Pack a lunch and spread out under the big tree. Bring a towel to dry off from the splash pad and maybe an extra change of clothes.
More info: here


Port Macquarie Skate Park (Town Beach Reserve)

Older kids will go wild over the Skate Park! Located adjacent to the Hastings River entrance (at the break wall), this park caters to all user groups. The park is mostly concrete; there’s a sick bowl with metal coping and a plaza street style area with mini half-pipe, fun boxes, quarter pipe and manual/grind boxes. Scooter, skate bike or blade your way through it.

This park is on the opposite end of town from where Livvi’s Place is but easy to access from the coastal path or by car. There’s a parking lot close by and the footpath path leaves enough room for slower paced riders as well. Bathrooms are available at nearby restaurants and cafes. This park never was always hopping—morning, noon and at dusk with park goers and ogling spectators. Even though we didn’t have anything to ride with us, we still spent a good amount of time here. It was fun to watch all the different types of riders perfect their tricks and no one seemed to mind drawing a crowd. You could really make the day of it and picnic on the larger grassy section off to the side that’s park of Town Beach Reserve. They have picnic tables available as well.


In a Nutshell

Nearest cafe: a few blocks
Toilets: not at the park, but in nearby establishments
Shade: no
Enclosed: no
Parking: yes
Public transport: no
Best feature: sick bowl

What You Need to Know

Address: Town Beach, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444
Tips: Be smart and wear a helmet and padding. Don’t forget the sunblock while you’re at it. To participate, bring your bike, scooter, rollerblades or skateboard, but you can still have a blast just being a spectator.
More Info: here.


There’s also the newly renovated Stoney Aqua Park. We didn’t have time to check it out, but it’s on our hit list for next time. It’s one of the world’s largest aqua parks—with options to do all kinds of water sports including water-skiing, wakeboarding, tube rides and more.






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