Pirate-Themed Play At The Como Pleasure Grounds

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ellaslist explorer Kylie had a lovely family day at the Como Pleasure Grounds in the Sutherland Shire, enjoying nature walks and playtime by the sea. Here are her top tips to help make your experience at this awesome playground a memorable one:

What Makes The Playground A Great Option For Parents And Kids?

Como Pleasure Grounds is a lovely, busy area situated on the water next to the Como Marina. There are wide walking paths around the Grounds that are good for walking & bike riding, as well as some open spaces for ball games. It’s a really picturesque area and sheltered well from the wind. The walking path & playground wraps around a hill that can be accessed by both a ramp, stairs and for the adventurous, by climbing up the rocks, perfect for budding adventurers and wannabe mountain climbers with no need for ropes!

What Equipment Is There For Play Time?

The playground at Como Pleasure Grounds is quite small but has a little something for everyone.

There is a large rope climbing structure surrounded by lots of sand which kids of all ages can play in. There is also a small spinning wheel which kids enjoy sitting on and spinning around. There is a pirate ship play structure that has an area to play underneath for small babies & kids, as well the top level which kids can access via steps and go down a slide.

The playground also features a swing set with both a normal swing seat and a baby seat. The swing set is low to the ground so the younger kids can play & swing safely. The playground is surrounded by seats, picnic tables & rocks for parents to sit on.

What Facilities Are Around?

There are two cafes at Como Pleasure Grounds, one that is part of the marina and boat shed, which also has a kiosk for takeaway coffee and ice-creams/snacks, as well as another restaurant further round near the playground that has both sit-down meals and takeaway food. The outdoor seating area is a beautiful spot to sit and eat a meal and looks out over the water & boats. There are also public toilets next to the restaurant, as well as baby-changing facilities. There are two car parking areas, as well as plenty of street parking nearby.

What Was The Kid's Verdict?

The 6-year-old really enjoyed playing on the spinning wheel and spent most of her time pushing & sitting on that with the other kids visiting the park. The younger kids (4 & 2) enjoyed playing on the pirate ship and in the sand, as well as watching the rainbow lorikeets eating some bread left on the ground (the birds were very tolerant and we were able to get fairly close without them get startled). The bushland was also a hit, with a lot of time spent exploring.

What Was The Highlight Of Your Day?

The highlight was taking the walking track up to the pedestrian bridge that runs over the water and looking down at the Marina and the boats. The walking bridge runs parallel to the train bridge and they really enjoyed watching & waving to the trains as they went past, as well as watching the boats coming and going from the Marina.

Top Tips

There are only a few public toilets so don’t wait until the kids are busting to take them. One of the toilets didn’t have a soap dispenser so it’s probably a good idea to take some wipes & hand sanitizer with you. It’s a really lovely spot and the perfect place for a picnic or lunch overlooking the water & marina.