Pink Chocolate Menus Are Popping Up Around Melbourne

  • Mums & Bubs

By: Melissa Fine, ellaslist

We Melbournites have had the privilege of pink 'Ruby' Kit Kats, and now we'll be heading over to the new pink choccie shop on the block: San Churro.

Featuring the newest chocolate discovery in 80 years, alongside milk, dark and white, pink 'ruby' chocolate is now the fourth natural colour of chocolate available on the market. To celebrate, San Churro has created a menu dedicated to all things pink chocolate. 

Why not treat yourselves to San Churro's Real Ruby Chocolate Experience? A not-to-be-missed, immersive dining experience ($35/head) which rolls out across Australia from 10 September 2018....think churros paired with velvety-smooth, berrylicious Ruby chocolate, enveloped in a berry-scented mist - and a sensory Churros For Two Chocolate Journey, where you and your choccie-loving dessert date will tantalise your tastebuds with white, milk, dark and Ruby's only right you try them all, for research purposes. 

Make sure to grab some Ruby Rocky Road for the road from the San Churro Chocolateria on your way out...or perhaps their artisanal, melt-in-your-mouth Ruby Truffles...we'll take both, thanks! 


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