On Your Marks! ellaslist Has A Ball At Ready Steady Go Kids

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By: Natalie Stanley, ellaslist

Indoor Activity, Rail, Hail or Shine!

After nearly a month of dreadful Sydney rain, an opportunity to visit an indoor venue for the kids to release some pent up energy was accepted with open arms! 

Multi-Sports Program

Ready Steady Go teach 10 different sports, and this week was Cricket. Our friendly coach welcomed Mr 4 into the group. He was given a name tag, and happily joined the group ready to sing the welcome song. Everyone gets a mention, and Mr 4 settled into the group straight away.

Small Groups

The Ready Steady Go policy is designed to build confidence with a maximum of 1:7 instructor to student ratio. There were just 9 in the class, and with 2 instructors, everyone got lots of attention.

Warm Ups

From here they moved into warm-ups and the introduction of the Ready Steady Go drill which teaches discipline in a fun and engaging way! The instructors interacted with the kids and had them laughing and giggling with false starts. This light-hearted approach seemed to help to quickly build confidence across the group as the children raced each other up and down the gym. 


Once everyone was nicely warmed up, it was time to stretch out the body and get the kids listening and following easy instructions. They looked super cute stretching every one of their little limbs!

Ball Skills!

Next up, the group had the opportunity to hone in on motor skills associated with the sport which in this instance was Cricket. In this case, they practiced using the cricket bat followed by bowling balls. Each child had plenty of opportunities to practice each skill. The ratio of teachers to kids meant they got regular positive feedback, and lots of hands-on help. My youngest son Mr 1 also had an absolute field day on the sidelines, collecting the tennis balls flying from every direction with another fellow toddler who had come along for the ride with her elder brother!

Incorporating "Soft-Skills"

The Ready Steady Go program incorporates basic counting and colour concepts, builds social skills and develops listening skills and concentration. I was absolutely amazed at how well the kids (especially Mr 4!) listened to instructions. There’s something about the “Ready Steady Go’ drill that gets them all standing to attention and listening in a way I thought unimaginable for my very active little boy!!  The children are also encouraged to tidy up as they go which got a big thumbs up from me.

Reward And Recognition

We joined the class right at the end of term so everyone was presented with a certificate at the end and given an opportunity to get photographed.  The kids then said goodbye with high fives and all looked pretty chuffed with themselves.

The Verdict: Highly Recommended

I would definitely recommend the Ready Steady Go Kids program. I personally found it very reassuring that my son was so good at listening and following instructions in a way I’d never witnessed before! There’s something about the ‘Ready Steady Go’ drill and I found myself doing it for the rest of the day, with much success and delight from Mr 4 and Mr 1!

Top Tip

If you’ve tried other group sports classes before and found yourself frustrated with a child that lacks concentration, Ready Steady Go might just be the ticket! PLUS first class is free with no obligation so it’s definitely worth a go. 

For more information, about Ready Steady Go Kids, visit their website or call 1300 766 892