New Study Finds Chocolate Makes You Smarter

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By: Zoe Crane, ellaslist

If I had a dollar for every time my daughter asked me for chocolate, I could buy out the Easter bunny! Well, it’s time to go to that very high shelf that the kids can’t reach and eat whatever chocolate you have hiding up there, because scientists have come up with some very good news. Chocolate makes you smarter!


Using data from an existing study which tracked participants’ diet against cardiovascular risk factors, a study has found a “significant association” between eating chocolate more frequently and improved brain function on a whole range of cognitive tests, “irrespective of other dietary habits.” These findings seem to back up recent clinical trials, suggesting a medium to high intake of cocoa flavanols may also protect against normal age-related cognitive decline.

chocolate is good for your heart and brain Eating chocolate has been found to improve brain function as well as heart health. 

Other health benefits of chocolate

Previous studies found that chocolate can improve cardiovascular health, blood flow, help protect the skin from sun damage and reduce cholesterol and the risk of stroke. A recent study has even controversially claimed that it can help you lose weight, by triggering a feeling of being full if eaten before a meal.

More Delicious Research is Needed

The study did not account for the amount or type of chocolate eaten, only the frequency. Previous studies have indicated that most of the health benefits of chocolate come from the flavanols, which appear in a higher concentration in dark chocolate as it contains more cocoa powder. Further studies will have to be carried out to confirm if this is the also case for cognitive function. Now that’s a clinical study I’d volunteer for!