New LEGO HQ Being Built- We Want To Work Here

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

All we can say is …WOW. A mini golf course, play space, public park…just a few features coming in 2019 to Denmark’s LEGO HQ that doubles as both a work and play space.

Source: Tech Insider

Incredible Renovations

The incredible renovations are set to turn these offices into a small city, where desk spaces are being replaced by sofas, cosy nooks and communal tables that encourage staff to make face-to-face contact, or “playful productivity”. The whole building will have hints of LEGO-esque design, without being too in-your-face. Senior vice president for LEGO told Fast Co Design: “We didn’t want to make a Lego brick house. That was too obvious. It also has to look like a proper office building.” I guess it’s not all fun and games- LEGO is the 2nd largest toy maker in the world behind Mattel. However, Pejstrup said he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a slide in the building.
The LEGO People House will have a cafeteria, social spaces for after-hours fun, a gym, and dorm-rooms = perfect living conditions for travelling employees. We hope they’re hiring…


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