NAPLAN 2021: What is it? When is it? And Past Papers to Help Prepare

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You know the year is well and truly flying when NAPLAN season is upon us. Considering last year’s national literacy and numeracy testing didn’t go ahead due to COVID, a refresher on the course of action is well due. NAPLAN can be a stressful time for children and parents alike, so to assist we have compiled some must-know facts to make sure you navigate NAPLAN 2021 with ease.

Everything you Need to Know About NAPLAN 2021

The next round of NAPLAN testing is upon us!

What is NAPLAN?

NAPLAN stands for the national assessment program – literacy and numeracy. It is a series of standardised tests for all Australian students and was introduced by the Education Minister, Julia Gillard in 2008. They test the literacy and numeracy skills of students in years 3, 5, 7 and 9 during the second week of May. NAPLAN is a way of tracking your child’s achievements. This includes their basic use of reading, punctuation, grammar, spelling, numeracy skills and writing a persuasive or narrative text. 

When is NAPLAN 2021?

NAPLAN 2021 will conduct their testing both online and on paper - here are the key dates to mark in the diary.

NAPLAN Online 11 - 21 May 2021

NAPLAN on paper 11 - 13 May 2021

When do NAPLAN results come out?

How quickly you receive your child’s NAPLAN results will vary depending on which state or territory they attend school, however, this year it is projected that NAPLAN results will be available in the month between mid-August and mid-September

Your child’s school will receive their NAPLAN individual student report which will outline information like reading, writing, language conventions and numeracy scores and how well they performed against national averages.

How to Help Children Prepare for NAPLAN 2021

Help ease any stresses about NAPLAN by looking at past NAPLAN papers.

Review old NAPLAN Papers

As a parent, understanding the assessments and knowing exactly what your child is being tested is a great way to go about best supporting your child. There are plenty of NAPLAN resources online that will allow you to download and review NAPLAN tests from previous years to give your child an example of what they'll be doing during their NAPLAN test.

Do NAPLAN Practice Tests

Time management is an area which many children struggle with. You can ask your child to attempt some mock NAPLAN tests to give them an awareness of how much time they have to complete each paper. This also takes the fear away from the exam setting and paper, as they will have experienced it before the official NAPLAN assessments begin.

Chat to Your Child

As mentioned, NAPLAN can be an overwhelming time for your child so it’s important to check in and ask how they’re feeling. Encouraging them to vocalise their fears around the tests can help them to cope with those nerves. 

It’s a great idea to practice for NAPLAN but sometimes over-preparing can have the opposite of the desired effect. Helping your kids develop a healthy mindset before sitting for the tests will ensure the stress stays at bay.

Need Some Extra NAPLAN Support?

NAPLAN test workshops can work wonders for anxious kids (and parents!).

Discover Learning Australia offers test preparation workshops in the lead up to NAPLAN to help familiarise your child with the tests and to help boost their overall confidence.

“At Discover Learning we aim to instill a real love for learning, giving our children positive experiences and the desire to learn,” explains Laura. “We implement teaching techniques that are both innovative and interactive, making maximum use of visual and kinaesthetic learning. Our ‘hands on’ activities engage and inspire our children.”

Follow the website to find out more about these workshops and learn how Discover Learning Australia offers quality-first education.

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