Why School Zones Matter In Finding Your Next Home

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When it comes to finding a new home, there’s certainly no shortage of things to think about—and if you’re a parent, planning a family in the future or looking to make a shrewd investment, school catchment zones are a huge consideration.

Whether you’re buying or renting, the race to get children into good schools has seen property prices soar in certain areas. Here’s why school zones are such an important consideration when searching for your next home.

Property Prices And School Catchment Zones

Why School Zones Matter In Finding Your Next Home
Property prices are hugely influenced by school catchment zones—with some areas seeing as much as a 25% increase in price!


It’s no secret that school catchment zones can have a huge impact on property prices within a certain area—whether that’s to buy or to rent.

Domain’s 2020 School Zone Report combines their exclusive Search by School catchment data and its house price property data, to indicate the primary and secondary government school catchment zones that have experienced the highest house price growth rates over the last 12 months.

The report reveals significant house price growth across Aussie capital city school catchment zones—with the top 10 primary and secondary school catchment zones all reporting a whopping 25% or more house price growth year on year. 25%!


The Value Of Searching By Catchment Zones

Ultimately, when it comes to how you search for a new property, looking at school catchment zones is a no-brainer. When you assess school zones in the context of house price growth instead of just looking at the growth in capital cities and suburbs; you gain insights into price trends that will prove exceptionally helpful to parents and investors searching for the right property.

According to Domain’s Senior Research Analyst, Dr Nicola Powell, “The boundary of public school catchment zones can have a huge influence on property decisions and the data suggests certain ones can have a positive effect on house prices…This highlights the effect falling into a particular school catchment zone can potentially have on property price.”

To the same end, school zone price growth performance varied enormously, with properties in neighbouring catchments providing very different outcomes for homeowners. In fact, the impact of school catchment zones is so pronounced; that some school zones in the same postcode, suburb or with overlapping catchment zones varied in the pace or even direction of house price movement. This explains why properties on opposing sides of a street can often vary significantly in price.

Domain’s Search by School Tool

School Catchment Zones Domain
Domain's Search by School function enables families to directly search for properties in their selected school zone. Easy! 


While knowing the context of soaring house prices in some areas is useful, ultimately—we want practical tools that allow us to search for available properties (whether that’s to buy or rent) based on the school catchment area they’re in, right?

Domain’s ultra-effective ‘Search by School’ tool allows prospective buyers and renters to enter the school they’re interested in checking out, and filter only properties that are available to buy or rent within that catchment area. The Search by School tool enables Domain to understand which schools zones are in the highest demand, and report on the findings accordingly—which equips us as parents to make informed decisions about two huge items on the parenting agenda; schools and property.

Easy, straightforward, and oh-so-useful! The tool is available at Domain.com.au and on the Domain app.

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