Mums Open Letter Shaming Kids On iPads In Restaurants Causes Controversy

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

A mum's open letter, posted by Kidspot, to "the mum at the pub whose daughters were watching their iPads" has ended in enormous backlash.

The letter began: "It was Friday night. I’d picked up my three-year-old son and his friend from daycare and we headed to that magical wonderland that is the pub for dinner." She shared how her favourite thing about family meal times at the local pub is that everyone is together, eating at their own pace, kids running off occasionally for a quick play, minus the screens that she believes turn humans and kids into zombies. 


Who Would've Thought A Little iPad Could Cause So Much Drama

The mum then goes on to explain that her kids, who had until that point found themselves content running between their dinner plates and the play area, had become entranced by watching the iPads over the shoulders of two young girls at a nearby table. "They’re no longer interested in playing anymore and they’ve stopped caring about dinner. All they care about is those bloody screens shining in the middle of the beer garden." She tried to pull her children away from this other family's table more than once, but her "entranced" kids resisted. 

It then escalates, the journo sharing the "three stages of judgement" she went through towards the mum whose daughters were quietly watching iPads during their dinner."You’re turning them into zombies because it’s an easy way out. STOP!”


Social Media Condemns iPad-Shaming Mum

Because her boys had become so distracted by the iPads, she had to leave, which "felt unfair". It seems that not many readers of this post seemed to sympathise with the woman or share her condemnation of a little iPad dinner-time distraction. Some of the comments read:

  • That was infuriating to read. You are the problem in this story.
  • Why don't you butt out, leave the mum and her daughter's alone and control your own children. My kids love to watch YouTube when we go out for dinner, it keeps them quiet and my husband and I sane. Your kids not listening to you is your problem, not mine. My kids are leaving me in peace. Order take out at home next time, then you won't have to worry about what every other parent is doing.
  • I think YOU are the one who needs to control your children, not the lady with the girls sitting down. You think it's ok for your kids to run around a pub but have a problem with others children sitting quietly eating. 
  • I cannot believe what I just read! The woman was a paying customer at that venue, and can sit wherever the hell she wants to with her "two big giant ipads"! It is nobody elses problem that you are unable to control your child.

Yikes- definitely not the reaction this mummy would've been hoping for...