Move Over Man Caves, This Year Is All About The She-Shed

  • Parents Only

By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

Dark, dingy man-caves are a thing of the past, this year it is all about the female backyard retreat, AKA the "She-Shed". A peaceful little place hidden away in the garden where Mums can go and have some me-time, a place where there's no mess or toys or sticky rice bubbles on the sofa.

It might sound like a dream land but an increasing number of home owners are opting to put up these structures as an extension of their homes. And they are anything but shed-like. Think heated floor boards, enough space for yoga, queen sized beds, bar fridges and Netflix hooked up.

When you think about it, converting the shed into another bedroom or office space is a lot cheaper than moving into a larger property.

Here are some of our favourite She-Sheds from around the world. But be quick to stake your claim on the backyard shed, ladies! These little retreats will have the whole family knocking on the door.... 

Small but light and airy enough to enjoy the serenity.... as long as the kids can't find you!


Don't have a shed? Convert the kids' old cubby house! The perfect hide out and only big enough for one...


A garden oasis or office space. you decide. Notice there is only one chair at the table...


A super modern office space for Mums working from home who want to escape the madness...


This one is so hot it could also be a sauna! 


The She-Shed on wheels for Mums on the move!

Have you got a She-Shed in your backyard? Tell us on Facebook, we'd love to see it!