Move Over Almond Milk, Cockroach Milk Is The Ultimate Superfood

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

Can you imagine ordering a cockroach milk latte? Scientists are calling cockroach milk the new superfood, saying the liquid derived from the creepy critters is among the most nutritious substances on the planet.

Before you start rounding up the rent-free inhabitants of your apartment, the “milk” is actually a protein-dense fluid produced by the female Pacific beetle cockroach native to Hawaii.

It is these insects which give birth to live young rather than laying eggs. As the embryos grow inside her, “she feeds them a pale, yellow liquid milk’ from her brood sack”. I'll take my coffee black, thanks.

Roach Benefits 

Cockroach milk contains four times as much protein as cow's milk as well as essential amino acids that promote cell growth, lipids that keep our bodies healthy, and sugars that fuel energy. 

Using roaches to produce milk would also help alleviate the food shortages we'll have to deal with this generation.

Of course, not many people are convinced.

Next time your health-conscious friends are hassling you about drinking cow's milk, make sure you tell them about this!

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