Meet The Grounds❜ New Pet Piglet, Harry Trotter

  • Toddlers

By: Melissa Fine, ellaslist

The departure of The Grounds of Alexandria's old-favourite pet, Kevin Bacon (retire in peace, big guy!) has seen the arrival of a new furry friend: Harry Trotter.

Fresh out of 'Hog'warts, you'll find this black-spotted, pink piglet in The Grounds' pen along with his rooster friends between 9am and 11am, and then 2 to 4pm, and in the wee hours of the morning on weekends. Out of these hours he'll be having a good nap, and will be looked after indoors at night to make sure he's safe and sound. 

Harry Trotter will be making more regular appearances as he gets bigger, although we're not sure he'll ever get to a Kevin Bacon-esque size.

In the meantime, post-babycino date with your little one in The Grounds' garden, go say a gentle hi to the piglet before he's all grown up! 


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