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Organising dinner has been revealed as one of the most stressful tasks for Aussies. New research from EveryPlate shows more than half of Australians (58%) find organising dinner to be one of the most stressful daily activities, while over a third (36%) experienced a ‘lack of control’ when organising mid-week meals. 

To help Aussies regain control in the kitchen, budget-friendly meal-kit service EveryPlate has partnered with a life coach and anxiety counsellor, Toni-Maree Hannan, to share advice for Aussie families on how to take back control of their life, starting with dinner. 

Keep it simple 

Getting on top of dinner time stress starts with keeping it simple. We have the best intentions when planning a weeknight dinner, but an easy meal plan is a way to go among the mid-week chaos. Start with a simple meal plan and recipes you can follow to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  

Get the family involved 

It’s no secret that the age-old question of “when is dinner ready?” is a cause of stress for most Aussie parents. By getting the kids involved in dinner - whether it’s helping decide what you’ll cook for the week or setting the table - you’ll not only keep them occupied but also give them a sense of achievement and a chance for family bonding and quality time together. This creates a positive environment and will ultimately reduce a sense of anxiety around dinner. 

Take back time

One of the biggest triggers for anxiety is feeling like you don’t have enough time. Finding ways to save or create time throughout the week is key, especially when it comes to meal planning, buying groceries, and cooking meals. Using a meal-kit delivery service saves planning and shopping time, with pre-portioned ingredients delivered to your door and easy four-step recipes with minimal prep and less to wash up - helping you minimise the time spent organising dinner and maximising the amount of time you have to do things you enjoy. 

Create a routine

Kids (and adults!) thrive off routine, so by setting and sticking to daily and weekly habits, you’ll be able to take control of dinner. Find a regular time that works for you to plan and shop for your meals each week, and set a standard time for dinner each night to reassure you that dinner is sorted. 

Stick to your budget 

Overspending at the supermarket is one of the most significant stresses for Aussie families. Meal-kits are a practical option for budget-conscious families, providing a precise weekly cost. EveryPlate works out cheaper than the supermarket, starting at $3.99 per plate. It’s perfect for Aussies looking for a budget-friendly meal kit with good quality ingredients without fancy extras to give you control of your weekly budget.

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