Meal Kit Delivery: Five Tips For Choosing The Right One

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Let’s face it. Unless you're Donna Hay or Jamie Oliver, whipping up a fabulous family meal every single night of the week can seem like a daunting task. Fitting grocery shopping into the daily grind is only one part of the equation. The mental load of deciding what to cook every day, forward-planning, satisfying the family and fitting it all within your budget makes the humble dinner seem much smaller than the sum of its parts.

Thankfully, these days, there are clever ways to make this necessary part of life a little bit easier, including getting meal kits delivered. These subscription services are a game-changer, especially for parents, saving time, money and sanity! You can still create healthy, home-cooked meals for your family without the leg work.

But how do you know which is the right meal delivery for you? Our five top tips will help you find the perfect box with the key benefits to look out for.

EveryPlate Meal Delivery Tips for choosing the right one
The right meal kit delivery will ensure dinner is a breeze!

Five Tips For Choosing The Right Meal Delivery For Your Family

1. Don't Budge On Budget

We love a good life hack, but it takes the gloss off if we have to pay through the nose for it. What you need is a meal delivery solution that doesn’t break the bank.

Because they often source their ingredients directly from the producers and supply exactly the amount you need for each recipe (yay - no wasted veggies in the trash) some meal kits can be cheaper than shopping at the supermarket. For instance, EveryPlate is an affordable, budget-friendly solution that offers meals under $4 per plate!

You also want to ensure your meal delivery service has maximum flexibility, so you can adjust the frequency of your deliveries to suit your budget and lifestyle, and cancel if you need to without exit fees.

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2. Make It Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

Recipes are great, but the whole point of getting dinner kits delivered is that it makes life easier, so you don’t want a stressful set of instructions that will take you a day to decipher! Ensure your meal kit delivers fuss-free cooking with clear, easy-to-follow printed recipe cards that have minimal steps, familiar ingredients and simple cooking methods. Even better if they are easy enough that the kids could do it!

EveryPlate Budget Meal Delivery
BONUS: Meal kits are a great way to teach kids to cook!

3. Look For Maximum Value

Price is one thing. Value is another! Even if you are not paying a premium, you still want quality. We’re talking about hearty, wholesome food that will feed your whole family without a hitch. Ensure the meal options include fresh, quality ingredients that create an abundance of generous, home-cooked dinners - even if you have opted for the more budget-conscious delivery kits that don't have fancy extras!

4. The Simple Things In Life Are The Best

Of course, we want to eliminate the brain drain of traditional food planning, so when going for meal kit delivery the ordering process needs to be as seamless as possible with simple options to customise your order. Check the website and app to ensure you can easily choose what you need, select recipes and choose a delivery time that suits you, and even skip a week or cancel if you need to.

Every Plate Meal Kit Delivery
Delicious family favourites will keep everyone happy.

5. It's Got To Be Yummy!

Ultimately, dinner needs to taste good, and this can be tricky with fussy little eaters! Look for family-friendly meals and go-to favourites that will still pack a flavour punch. You also want variety from day to day and week to week so look for a diverse menu that will keep your tastebuds happy.

When looking for the right meal delivery for your family, EveryPlate ticks all the boxes. Their budget-friendly meal kits are full of crowd-pleasing recipes and fresh ingredients delivered straight to your door!

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