Laser Tag In A Box: The Birthday Party That Comes To You

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Having a June baby has always proved challenging when it comes to birthday celebrations.  It is always freezing cold, and my boys have always wanted to have outdoor parties just to make life harder for me. Throw in the disaster that is 2020 with a global pandemic, and my son’s birthday party got cancelled altogether!

After such a hard year for children with Covid restrictions in place and home schooling, I promised my son that we would postpone his birthday until a later date this year.  I am so glad we did as we got to experience a wonderful outdoor celebration with friends and family with the Spring sun shining.

Wanting to have a Covid-safe party, I found Laser Tag in a Box was the best option. My son loves laser guns and running wild so this was a no-brainer.

Laser Tag in a Box

I ordered the packs online and had them couriered to my house – so easy! We then opened the packs on the day of the party and had easy instructions to follow to set up the kids with their laser guns and activating them ready for battle.

The pack that arrived came with camo bunting and camo nets to set the scene for the party which the kids loved, and the colour-themed headsets and guns were so easy to set up on the kids.  The voiced controls made it so easy to understand how to play, and there were different games to choose from. We chose Team Elimination and the kids had so much fun tagging the other team members to claim victory, then resetting and playing multiple rounds. Once finished it was a quick pack up of all the equipment back into the boxes.

Laser Tag in a Box make it so easy to plan a birthday party with their easy to navigate website.  They have a handy Plan Your Party booklet that helps you choose which pack is right for you based on the number of children and their age. They also have great videos online to show exactly how it all works. 

The best part about renting the packs for the weekend is that you get to use them the whole weekend - they get couriered a couple days before the event and picked up again the next business day. So they provide endless fun not just during the party.

We had a fantastic experience and my son got to have his belated birthday party in the sunshine with friends which made his year.

Find out more at Laser Tag In A Box.

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