Kmart Is About To Get Even Cheaper

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Who doesn't love Kmart? You can walk in with a few pennies and leave with unbelievable finds, from trendy winter clothing to the latest copper-coloured home decor. You're about to fall in love all over again, because Kmart is set to get a whole lot cheaper! 

A clothing manufacturing warehouse is set to be open in Java, Indonesia, meaning the clothing prices will be cut by more than 20%! Ian Bailey, managing director of Kmart told Nine's A Current Affair: "We sell 800 million things a year. You don't have to make a lot of money on each thing for it to still be a very profitable business."

Kmart Promises That Cuts Won't Compromise Quality or Ethics

This manufacturing change and slashed costs won't result in cheap and nasty products either- Kmart, have vowed to keep the quality high, and the prices low. The shift away from China is due to China's rising wages, however, Kmart has assured customers that they are not looking for slave labour, nor are they looking to degrade the environment. Bailey said: “All of us are looking for factories that do the right thing and pumping waste into rivers is no good to anyone in the long run. No good to us, no good to the community...There’s [in Java] a minimum wage which is set by the area, which all these people are governed by, and many are paid more than that because they do a little bit of overtime and their base hours are a 40-hour week, Monday to Friday.”

With those reassurances, we just can't wait for this awesome excuse to fill our trolleys! 

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