Where to Shop for the Coolest Kids❜ Bunk Beds in 2024

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There's something so comforting and nostalgic about bunk beds for kids in our opinion. They scream of sleepovers and siblings, imaginative play, and peaceful slumbers—which means that choosing the right bunk bed is a decision not to be taken lightly.

From space-saving designs to gorgeous themes, there is an incredible range of bunk beds for kids in 2024 that marry safety, creativity, and comfort—ensuring a great night's sleep for your little dreamers. 

Where to Shop for the Coolest Kids' Bunk Beds in 2024

1. Awesome Beds 4 Kids

Awesome Beds 4 Kids
Awesome Beds 4 Kids really do make some awesome beds for kids.

Whatever configuration of kids' bunk beds you're after, Awesome Beds 4 Kids have got you covered.

For maximum impact, we love the Seaford Single Over Double Trundle Design. With so many space-saving hacks included, like a staircase with five built-in cabinets, providing ample storage space and easy access to the top bunk, plus, a double trundle to accommodate family and friends for sleepovers, it's the all-singing, all-dancing bunk bed of our dreams!

2. Ikea

Ikea Bunk Beds

Ikea bunk beds for kids will quite literally elevate bedtime to new heights.

Not just for sleeping, their versatile range lets you maximize your floor space in style. We love the simplicity of the Mydal Design—an incredibly durable option that will fit in with any decor scheme! 

3. Forty Winks

Forty Winks
Forty Winks

Boasting a diverse range of brands and bunk configurations, Forty Winks is a no-brainer when shoppring for bunk beds for kids in 2024.

Their commitment goes beyond aesthetics – all beds stocked at Forty Winks are free from harmful chemicals and proudly carry the Furntech-AFRDI Orange or Blue Tick of certification. These certifications signify rigorous testing to meet Australian consumer protection safety standards. So, when your child sleeps, learns, and plays on a bed from Forty Winks, you can rest easy, knowing that their well-being is in good hands.

4. Luxo Living

Kids Bunk Beds
Luxo Living (and yes, that is a slide).

Luxo Living kids' beds are crafted to enhance the joy of room sharing, ensuring comfort and convenience.

These beds beautifully blend affordability, functionality, and style, constructed with solid wood and natural pine in white, grey, and timber finishes. Whether you're shopping double or single bunk beds for kids, Luxo Living designs aim to bring harmony to shared spaces, making bedtime and playtime a fun-filled experience for your little ones. 

We really can't move past the Harel Natural Timber Triple With Slide, because, well...it's got a slide!

5. Boori

Boori Bunk Beds
Boori Kids' Beds

A real champion of the children's furniture scene, Boori bring quality, aesthetics, and functionality each and every time. Their range of bunk beds for kids is no different—bursting with clever designs, gorgeous colours, and unrivaled quality. 

The Neat Single Design is a stunning choice and can be easily taken apart to become two stand-alone singles for if and when your family needs a change. What a winner! 

6. Bunkers

Bunkers Bunk Beds

Bunkers really, truly understand that rooms vary in shape and size, and that's why their bunk beds come in an array of shapes, sizes, heights, and colours.

Discover an epic selection of L-shaped bunk beds for kids tailored to fit your space and address your unique sleeping and storage requirements.

Their corner designs have long been cherished for their ability to snugly fit into bedroom corners, optimising space usage. With two separate beds, you enjoy the utmost flexibility, allowing you to move and adapt the beds as needed.

7. Bunk Beds Australia

Bunk Beds Australia
Bunk Beds Australia

A diverse range of bunk beds for kids is available at Bunk Beds Australia—allowing you to really maximise your space.

The Skyler Single With Storage Trundle is a great option as the design makes for safe climbing in and out with handrails and turned stairs. It also includes a generous storage trundle bed that can fit a single mattress for additional sleeping capacity, or serve as a double storage box. 

8. Temple & Webster

Temple and Webster Bunk Beds
Temple and Webster 

Temple and Webster have a huge range of bunk beds for kids that will fit any space and fulfill any need.

Whether you want a double on the bottom, integrated shelving or a storage staircase, Temple and Webster have got you covered. 

It might not be everyone's choice, but we think the Surf Single Design would make a pretty adorable feature in any kid's room, allowing you to transform it into a fun and beach-inspired haven with this uniquely designed campervan bunk, complete with a surfboard-style ladder.

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