Where to Shop for the Best Kids❜ Activewear in 2024

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Gone are the days of mismatched shorts and old T-shirts—shopping for your kids' activewear has never been so damn aesthetic. From adorable prints that spark creativity to sporty styles that keep up with their every move, there is a whole world out there complete with the coolest and comfiest activewear for kids.

Whether they're sprinting on the playground, mastering yoga poses, or just embracing the active spirit within, we've uncovered a range of activewear brands that seamlessly blend style with functionality. Get ready to elevate your little ones' playtime wardrobe to a whole new level of fun and flair with our guide on where to shop for the best kids' activewear. 

Where to Shop for the Best Kids' Activewear in 2024

1. Be Activewear

The best kids' activewear
Be Activewear

Boasting a huge variety of sporty ensembles for girls and boys, plus activewear accessories in a selection of brands, Be Activewear are a no-brainer of a place to shop for kids' activewear.

Their gorgeous prints and functional cuts mean there is something for every type of child, and every type of activity. We absolutely love the Sunrise Leggings by Sunny Active—in fact, can we get them in adult sizes, please? 

2. Cotton On

Cotton On Kids
Cotton On Kids

An iconic kids' clothing brand we know and love, Cotton On Kids also have a great selection of kids' activewear pieces, too.

Offering basics done well, Cotton On Kids have a range of styles to suit every type of activity—from classic seamfree bike shorts and leggings to parachute-style pants, shorts, and skirts in a range of gorgeous colours. 

3. Rebel Sport

Rebel Sport
Rebel Sport

Bursting with all the brands and styles you know and love but in mini versions, Rebel Sport are another spot sporting some of the best kids' activewear brands this year.

Boasting big names like Nike, Running Bare, Adidas, Under Armour, and Ell & Voo, there's something for every age and stage, no matter what the activity is. For quality and reliability, you can't go past Rebel Sport! 

4. Running Bare

The best kids' activewear
Running Bare


Running Bare are a leading activewear brand for women that happen to also have an oh-so-cute and extensive collection available for girls, too.

The prints are to die for, the fabric is exceptional quality, and the styles are a real vibe. If you're after downsized versions of exactly what you'd want to wear yourself, Running Bare is the ideal destination to shop for kids' activewear. 

5. Target

Target Kids

Ah, Target. Is there anything they can't do?

Alongside their epic range of kids' clothing, Target is home to a diverse selection of activewear for kids, offering everything from sporty endeavours to cute but comfy loungewear looks. Brands include FILA, Lonsdale, Zoo York, and more. The range encompasses the entire spectrum of colour—from understated neutrals to tie-dye extravaganzas, meaning there's something for every style and taste. 

6. Chasing Oso

The best kids' activewear
Chasing Oso 

Drawing inspiration from a background in children's fashion, Chasing Oso are a sportswear haven for spirited young girls aged four to 14 who love to be on the move.

Whether they're into gymnastics, acrobatics, dance, tennis, soccer, boxing, mountain climbing, running, athletics, or simply embracing the activities of everyday life, Chasing Oso offer a range of outfits crafted with durability, comfort, and style at the forefront. 

7. Owlete Active

Owlete Active
Owlete Active 

For girls who love expressing themselves through colour, Owlete Active are for them!

A real explosion of patterns and vibrancy, the Owlete Active brand was born out of a vision to make active clothes cool for youngsters. With a range that's bursting with crops, tops, shorts, skorts, tights, leotards, and more, Owlete Active are a one-stop-shop for all of your kids' activewear needs! 

8. Under Armour

Under Armour Kids
Under Armour

We love Under Armour for grown-up activewear, and we feel the same about their kids' activewear offerings, too.

Sleek, cool, and effortlessly functional, Under Armour are known for their exceptional quality and performance-standard fabrics. If you're after activewear for kids that looks the part, Under Armour is a great place to shop! 

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