How Young Can I Start Introducing Classical Music To My Child?

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

From babies, at high school, in the womb!? What is a good age to introduce our children to classical music? And will they really enjoy it? These are the questions we pondered as we looked over the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Family Concert Series. I mean, it’s all good and well to say you’re going to instil a love of classical music in your child (like that time you said you’re not going to let your child watch TV or eat anything that’s not organic) but we all know the reality is much bleaker and the Wiggles have probably already taken over your household.

Never fear, we enlisted the help of Sydney Symphony Orchestra to discover the perfect age to enrich your child with the wonderfully dulcet tones of classical music.

“Children tend to respond to learning in three main ways: aurally, visually or kinaesthetically,” says Lorenza, Director of Learning and Engagement at the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. “Once you’re aware of what your child’s learning style is then you can work out when it’s time to take them to a concert. If your baby hears a sound and turns to it immediately or your child moves before they learn to speak, they will probably love going to a classical music concert.”

Will They Love Classical Music?

But before you enrol them into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and start dreaming of their first concerto, you need to find the right format so that they enjoy it (and you will too).

Having trained as an opera singer and taught music for more than 20 years, Lorenza says children aged five to seven enjoy shorter activities and lots of variety.

“If your children are in that younger age group take them to something that is shorter or that has lots of little pieces and the opportunity to dance or move around in their chair,” she says. “It’s also good if there’s a combination of sound and story or pictures.”


Hands-On Classics

Have you already started taking your toddler to the Babies Proms concerts at the Sydney Opera House? Well, the next step from there is the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Family Concerts which are designed for ages 5-12 years. Although it’s for school-aged kids, it’s still very hands-on with an ‘Activity Zone’ in which children can play music games and learn about instruments runs for 30 minutes before and after each Family Concert.

The concerts aren’t overly long, we’re not talking hours and hours like some classical music pieces. The family concerts are just under one hour, and combine music and storytelling, often with an engaging narrator who drives the story and interacts with the audience. There’s nothing ‘stuffy’ about these performances, you’ll often see children dancing in their seats and cheering for more.

Give Me The Details

What’s On This Year:

  • Who Needs a Conductor Anyway?  - What happens when there’s no conductor? Join pianist Simon Tedeschi to find out! - 11 March
    Thum Prints - Hear some wild and amazing sounds when beatboxer Tom Thumb meets the Orchestra - 16 September
    The Happiness Box - Jay Laga’aia narrates an inspiring tale of three friends who discover the secret of happiness - 4 November

Where:    Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House
When:     11 March, 16 September & 4 November 2018. Kids Musical Activity Zones from 1pm; Concerts at 2pm
Cost:       Package of 3 concerts - $93/person, allocated seating.

Save $6 per single event ticket when bought as a 3-concert package. Tickets may be exchanged - conditions apply.


Parking: Parking on site at Wilson’s Sydney Opera House car park.
Transport: Trains, buses and ferries to Circular Quay then 10 mins walk.
Food & beverages: Foyer bars, Opera Kitchen, Opera Bar and Circular Quay outlets. Enjoy a 10% discount at Opera Kitchen and Opera Bar with your SSO subscriber card when you buy your concerts as a package.   

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