How To Stay Energised Even When Your Life Feels Over-Scheduled

  • Parents Only

By: Megan Tuohey, Relationship Psychologist

The life of a busy mother is one that we can all relate to. There are chores, shopping, cleaning, washing, folding, putting away. Then there is the cooking, bed time, bath time, tidy up. Don’t forget the actual parenting and other adulting that is required on the daily, bill paying, working, budgeting. Oh wait – you also forgot that you have relationships to take care of too, the one with your parents, your partner, your friends, your colleagues, your community. Hey! Don’t forget managing your kids social stuff too, sports, parties, play dates and other assorted activities.

Now was there something that I missed? Oh wait. I’m sure there is. Let me take a minute and think. Oh yeah, I know what it is – ME.

This is the inventory of a busy working mama. One just like you. Where the very last thing that I think about is very often the most important. Me.

Where just as I finally get that last piece of the day in the right alignment, I realise that I am bone tired. And the rest of the day is a blur. I accomplished much, yes. Plates are spinning (and clean), kids are happy and (reasonably) balanced, food in the fridge, dinner is in the oven. House is reasonably tidy.

And I am really tired.

This is not an unusual day for me, and I’m sure it’s not unusual for you either. Life has never been busier, and we have never had more to do. So how do we keep ourselves in good shape, with enough energy to burn, in this incredibly busy stage of life?

The answer is simple. We need to practice self care.

When we practice self care, our lives are richer and more rewarding, because we have enough energy in the tank to feel stronger and as though we can handle anything.

The women that I work start my program feeling fatigued and defeated by trying to be a successful wife/partner, mum, friend, team mate and daughter. The very first building block to restoring their feelings of joy is to start with self care.

The first thing is that you need to create a morning and evening ritual, so that you can bookend your days with things that bring you energy. For the mums I work with it’s a combination that works specifically for them, but it usually includes things like:

  • Exercise – running, swimming, yoga, pilates
  • Meditation – any type that helps you find some space and some quiet in your mind
  • Reading
  • Cooking (for pleasure)
  • Gardening – being in nature is a wonderful and uplifting experience for just about everyone
  • Naps – getting enough sleep each day is imperative
  • Rituals like making a cup of tea *just* the way you like it

Now these things don’t have to take a long time, and your list might look different to mine and that’s ok. All it really needs to do is to have you inspired and remember something that sparks joy in you, or brings you energy.

There is one last piece of the puzzle and this is the bit where women fall over. It’s in the implementation. For this to be successful, you actually have to commit to doing it, and then actually do it.

So here’s the deal. You’re going to pick a few things off this list, or that work for you, and you are going to commit to doing morning and evening rituals. You’ll feel anchored, uplifted and grounded all at once, in the very best of ways. Commit to it for a week and I guarantee you results.

You’ll be the woman who is juggling everything, quite easily, without falling in a heap at the end of the day. Instead we’ll find you making your cup of chai, *just* the way you like it and feeling that deep sense of pleasure.

About Megan: Megan is a Relationship Psychologist who specialises in women. She focuses particularly on the relationship you have with yourself, your partner, your kids. When she’s not writing, you will find her working in her online coaching business for women, reading or playing with her kids and high-fiving her hubby for another excellent day. You can read more of her work at