How To Get Your Kids To Do The Chores And Other Funny Notes

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

It may seem impossible, but here are some notes our friends at Bored Panda shared that actually got children to do chores! Written by some very clever mums and dads, they were left around the house to push children to do the improbably. Whether it’s withholding the WiFi password in exchange for washing the dishes or pre-answering your children’s morning questions so they don’t disrupt your sleep in, we think notes may just be the next genius parenting trick.


This is the original note that has made waves all over the Internet. We have a feeling the mum responsible got herself one clean kitchen in record speed…


note 1

Source: Aatrox94


For those of you who’ve watched the movie Taken, you’ll know how threatening this note is! Nothing could get a tween to behave quicker than the threat of being disconnected.



Source: testplzignore


This mum posted on Reddit that her note really worked- and she slept in until 10.06 am! All hail the note.


sleep in note

Source: queen_of_the_koopas


We hope this note isn’t necessary until your children are much older…

smoking note

Source: BoredPanda


This #dadfact will have little girls all over Sydney eating every last bit of their lunch!


unicorn note

Source: Iunderstoodthatreference


Parents that withold the Wifi Password truly are onto something.


wifi password

Source: BoredPanda


Maybe a note won’t be enough to manipulate all kids into doing chores….but a threat like this could at least stop them from making more mess!


cut you note

Source: Imgur


Sometimes you have to use notes to be super clear about what you need done.


toilet roll note



When one mother’s child told her she was too old for notes in her lunch box, she responded by sending a ‘napkin’.


napkin note

Source: Michellehas2ls

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