How Much Remote Learning Do Our Kids Really Need?

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Remember all those fancy schedules that were doing the viral rounds when we started our home learning adventure? Days jam-packed with carefully crafted lesson plans and educational activities? Turns out that was just a pipe-dream. With a few weeks of experience under our belts, we've had to face reality. Remote learning has real unmitigated challenges that mean we simply can not emulate a full school day. Basically, we are not teachers, and this is not school.

As the end of the holidays' approach, parents across the country are bracing themselves for the onslaught of home-schooling that is due to continue throughout term two, but we can breathe a huge collective sigh of relief knowing kids may not need as much 'school time' as we thought. Hooray!

A simple chart created by the Illinois Board of Education has gone viral, and we can see why. Breaking it down by year level, the chart reveals the suggested time guidelines for at-home learning. 

Home schooling chart

The remote learning chart was released as a part of a comprehensive document The Board created to acknowledge the diverse needs of students and families and minimise the negative impact of COVID-19 on education.

The document also offered suggested activities for children's well being outside of the curriculum, now that you'll have so much more free time!

Home schooling activities

While we fumble through our own education about how to navigate this new world order, the suggested framework relaxes the rules for remote learning and gives us the flexibility we desperately want to tread a more realistic and friendly path. We all need to find out our own best fit, and buying back some time - and sanity - for us and our families is an awesome place to start. 

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